thingsThisWeek #97

    Graffiti of a yellow squiggle on a worn, textured concrete wall with peeling paint.

    What. A. Mess. Of. A. Week.

    • 🍭 Preparations for the 4th birthday of the little one. That’s what’s going on. That’s what’s important.

    • ☁️ Fuck. The housing situation in town is a LOT worse than before too. Heck, it’s on the news almost daily! And we really don’t want to leave this area. Tough times ahead, for sure.

    • 👁️ Dad had eye surgery, so I got to spend a day with Mom, and my brother, in the hospital’s waiting room. Fun. The operation was a success. We were back the following day, to check up on things. Bonus: same hospital where tinyMovieStar was born, almost 4 years ago.

    • 🍷 Avinho happened, plus a Saturday party. And Sunday’s parties. Driving around. All is good. Weekends are getting a bit crazy, and this will not stop soon. The little one celebrates her birthday on Monday, so this, and next, weekends are also fully booked.

    • 📷 Spent part of Friday at another winery, and then home.

    • 📷 Still on wine, also had the oddest assignment. We drove for very long, and it was a bit disappointing. Too far, for too little. I did get a couple of photos out of it. We have been experiencing lovely weather at the moment, so it was a bit odd to find fog on most of the drive to the Alentejo. It’s always mind boggling when people decide to host you, go to the trouble (and expense) of doing it, and then act like it’s a pain in the rear to have you there. That’s when they should be acting, faking it even, polite.

    • ⭐️ M.b’s photoblogging challenge is now on week three. Days 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 have been posted. Looking at people’s photos is, as usual, great entertainment.

    • 📺 House of Ninjas. Shōgun.

    • 🍿 Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer.

    • 💶 Kagi’s new sales tax policy means I won’t be subscribing for another year, when this one comes to an end. It’s not cheap already, and it will get 23% added on top of that already high price. It’s good, but can’t pay that much for search.

    • 💸 On the other hand, NextDNS renewal came up, and it’s still on. Flickr as well. Both provide services I enjoy. Flickr is an “expensive” subscription by now, but can’t find a decent alternative for how I use it.

    thingsThisWeek #96

    A bottle of Kirin Ichiban premium beer on a reflective surface with a blurred background.

    Slow, lazy, week. Some work. Parties at both ends.

    • 🥳 Party Weekend. Crazy Sunday. Too much food. In bed too late. That would sum up things pretty well. It was a long, and exhausting one. More are coming, feels like everyone’s birthday is in April.

    • 💤 Monday was painful. The little one would not get up. The whole week was hard, as far as leaving the house.

    • 👻 New Boo! post. We visited Malaysia this time. These posts take time, but I should try to get at least two of them out every month.

    • 📷 Assignment for the paper on Thursday and Friday, officially turning this slow week into a work one. Yay. The Thursday one was an epic visit to a place I know well, but obviously not well enough. What an impressive building they have in the city, and what an amazing restaurant they have in there! We had a very long, delicious, lunch, with plenty of Kirin Ichiban to wash it down. Brilliant. Not sure about the one on Friday, as I’m posting this before that even happening.

    • 💃🏻 We are now Barbie Hunters! After the “Grannies months”, we’re now trying to find a Barbie for our very own tinyMovieStar. We’ve seen dozens already, and not a single one was purchased. We need to find a WOW one.

    • ⭐️ mbApr is still going on, and a few more photos have been added. Days 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11 were posted. Still relying heavily on M.b’s post scheduling feature, even though I don’t get it entirely. Sometimes I can pick Mastodon as crossposting option, while there’s only Bluesky on others. Odd.

    • 📺 House of Ninjas. Tokyo Vice. Shōgun. I could just copy and paste this section, week after week.

    • 👨🏻‍🎨 It started when ChaMona released a Scribbles theme for Mona. Then I opened NNW and thought I should port it. David mentioned Fiery Feeds, and that made even more sense, since it’s the one I use. I now have a Scribbles theme for both? Maybe.

    • 🔋 Got a new powerbank. Not cute as my favorite one, but it’s new. Battery on the phone is not, I need all the help I can get.

    • 🎙️ There’s a new podcast in town: 3x2. Two friends talking about photos. Nice. When those two friends are Jason and Martin? Nicer.

    thingsThisWeek #95

    A view from inside a vehicle with raindrops on the windshield focusing on a green tractor moving ahead on a dirt road with a rural landscape and a cloudy sky in the background.

    Easter vacation, with an epic trip up north (that went MUCH better than expected), and back to little work in the city.

    • 🚌 Family Easter Weekend! That was, obviously, the event of the week. Of the month!

    • 🦷 Wednesday was a VERY busy day. A visit to the dentist, and a quick portrait shoot. Wow. Photos on the way to both events. On Thursday I edited the handful of photos I would then send, but no day topped Wednesday in terms of busyness. A very slow week. Again.

    • 🍔 I had a delicious burger at one of the Dallas Burger Club joints (yay for truffle mayo), and remembered a conversation I had with movieStar a couple of weeks ago. She noted we’re not up-to-date any more, when it comes to hip places. We have no idea where people are eating these days, and new places are opening every day!

    • 📺 On the TV streaming front, I managed to finish Griselda. Tokyo Vice, and Shōgun, the usual suspects, are on the one-episode-a-week routine. So I started watching House of Ninjas, and it’s actually kinda fun, in a not-too-serious way. It will do!

    • ⭐️ mbApr is on. Days 01, 02, 03, and 04 have been posted. Maybe I’ll manage a few more.

    • 📱 Moved phone service provider again, after a couple of weeks on the other one. I was entitled to a promotional monthly price when I moved, but something happened on their end, and I didn’t get it. They said I should have, they’d check and fix the situation. I was told they’d get back to me in 72 hours. They did not. Ever again! So, since I also had an eSIM from a competing provider installed, exactly the same cost, and better network coverage,… I moved. The process of moving is so easy these days, there is really no reason not to, if you’re not happy.

    • 🍜 I (well, MrBatsu is) back at slinging links at people. It all starts at another Scribbles hosted blog, and gets pushed to Mastodon using the wonderful new EchoFeed service (currently in beta and invite-only), by Mr Robb Knight.I repurposed one of Jarrod’s wonderful Shortcuts (this one), and that gets me the full post in the clipboard, ready to paste into Scribbles. A way to do it from Drafts (or directly) would be awesome, but there’s no API (or any other way) yet. Still, happy to have this going again.

    thingsThisWeek #94

    Red conduit pipes arranged in a pattern on a wall, entering and exiting white metal boxes with wire holders.

    Back at doing next to nothing, as far as work goes. Media consumption back up. Easter vacation is also here, we have tinyMovieStar with us during the day.

    • 🎂 Week (well, late Thursday) started with a kid’s party, complete with cake and beer. For the children and parents, respectively. We had a great time, as most parents are very nice, and our friend from London was in town. tinyMovieStar told us she liked it, but she wishes to have her party at the other garden, as the playground on this one is very small, and has less stuff to play with. She’s worried her guests will not enjoy the party as much. She’s turning four, but has the mind of a 47 year old event planner.

    • 🚿 One of the longer lasting “No!” in tinyMovieStar’s world: the shower. She loves long baths, but a shower was, until now, something she would avoid. Unless there was no other way (hotels and such), she would just refuse them. This week she finally, out of the blue, decided she likes showers.

    • 🌳 Weekend at the in-laws, after lunch with my own set of parents. It was not as peaceful as I’d wish. Full house. Noisy. I suppose this upcoming weekend will be even more challenging, as we’re traveling with my parents, as well as my brother’s family.

    • 📷 Small assignment for the paper, and the chance to visit a new hotel in town. A nice one. The reason for the visit was a wine tasting with a twist: expensive ones. Some were REALLY expensive, at least for my wallet. Photos as exciting as you might expect, from a small conference room with people sitting down, drinking wine. But that was it, as far as work goes, so I guess I can’t complain.

    • 🌧️ Weather wise, it was a shitty week.

    • 📺 Still watching the same as last week: The Gentlemen (finished by now, but watching again with movieStar), Tokyo Vice, and Shōgun. Added Griselda to the rotation.

    • 🍿 Quiz Lady. I like Awkwafina. Poor Things.

    • 🌐 Back on Orion for a while. Also back on Arc (iOS).

    • 📱 Moved cell service provider, again. I was very happy with what I had, but another company offers double the data for the same price. Caveat: I needed to be under-25. Since I’m over twice the limit age, I had to work around that limitation. I had an idea, but thought it was simply too far fetched, I doubted the operator would even fall for it. They did. I mean, I believe they know what’s going on, but just choose to ignore, and keep the money coming in every month. Anyway, impressed with the speed of it all. New SIM in the mail, installed, old number moved to new SIM, and move of that same card to eSIM requested and installed. That took a couple of days, without leaving the house.

    • 📥 Scribbles keeps getting better. Contact Form was added to the feature list, harnessing the power of Letterbird. You can now drop me a line at the new contact page, if you were looking for a way to get in touch /s

    • 🎙 What the Hack added to list, but not too sure.

    thingsThisWeek #93

    A woman and a young child walking hand in hand down a sunny city sidewalk, with the woman carrying a tote bag and the child wearing a red coat.

    Still had a busy couple of days, and now back to doing almost nothing, work wise. This is what normal feels like. Sleeping a lot.

    • 👸🏻 Best part of the week is that I’m finally back to our routine. I’m home when tinyMovieStar wakes up, I can prepare breakfast for her, play a little while she eats it, take her to kindergarten, and back home when she’s done for the day. We stop at the park, maybe have an ice-cream after that, and chat all the way over. Love these days.

    • ✊🏼 Journalists had their first general strike in over 40 years, in this country. It was impressive. The rally was, in all fairness, and despite everything, very very fun. Meeting SO many people, drinking so much beer. A joint might have been smoked as well. First one in a LOOOOONG time. There is a lot to change in the media landscape here, and times are hard for a huge percentage of people working in media. As elsewhere.

    • 🏃🏻‍♀️ It was also Marathon weekend. That means waking up early, and shooting a few events for one of the sponsors. Good fun. tinyMovieStar’s godmother, our dear friend, came over from London for the run, and we got to meet her again. Always happy when that happens.

    • 💸 I should make payments, small ones, every month, to our Social Security. I don’t. Every couple of years I get an email letting me know I’m in debt. This was that week. A portion of my savings was transferred to them. Done.

    • 🌐 sticker spotter moved. Yes, again. Still dealing with what’s broken. It will be a while before everything is settled. It is now hosted at the lovely Scribbles platform.

    • 😊 I gave an interview to It’s on their Consumption Gumption section. I have forgotten a few things while replying, but I suppose that will always be the case. Hope you enjoy it.

    • 📺 Shōgun. Tokyo Vice. The Gentlemen. All great shows, we are truly spoiled these days.

    • 🥘 Giving FastMinder a go, for the intermittent fasting thing. The old app (Simple) was just too bloated for my needs. The free tier was fine for me, but it keeps nagging me to upgrade. A bit too aggressively, and too often. Let’s see how this handles things, in the end I just require little more than a timer.

    • 👻 Started working on the next post for Boo! We’re going to Malaysia, when it’s finally done. Have a couple of photos that might do, and a story to go with it.

    • 🧧 One a Month Club update: three people are now supporters of my shenanigans, and I really appreciate it. Please visit the site, browse through the members' sites, and pick one to support. If you can, of course. All of them are great.

    thingsThisWeek #92

    Poster on a pole advertising tattoos with the phrase “ALL YOU NEED IS A NEW TATTOO” and a stylized image of a person. Tear-off tabs at the bottom and a QR code visible.

    Back to real life week, with plenty of rest, and some leftover disease.

    • 🗳 That was an intense month! Ended on Sunday on a very sad note, as the far-right got a lot more votes than I expected, and the socialists are no longer the ruling party. We’re a month away from the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April Revolution, and we now have close to 50 fascists in the parliament. Fuck that!

    • 📷 It felt like I was actually working again, and not just shooting the things that have become my normal. It felt great to meet the old colleagues, and laugh and bitch, as we did before. I missed them, and I do miss this life more than I care to admit most of the time. I did enjoy having the camera on me all the time, and shooting with it whenever I felt a photo was there.

    • ⚖️ Lost 3kg in a month, even with all the beer, and food we had. Maybe we should have an election every couple of months, after all.

    • 🍰 Had a birthday. The 53rd! It was the worst birthday ever. Working, with a cold, and pretty shitty altogether.

    • 🥰 tinyMovieStar is walking around town with her school buddies and teachers. Going to museums, and the theater. On foot. Just a year ago they were going on a bus, to places closer than they walk to now. Also, her fashion sense, her three-year-old fashion sense, dictating clothing changes because the “hat would look better with overalls”. She’s awesome. I know I’ve said this before, but I have to contain myself, or I’d be putting this on every single weekly update.

    • 🏃‍♂️ Starting a new, short, assignment. The Marathon Weekend is upon us, so it’s time to go shoot that for one of the sponsors. Photos will surely make their way to the blog.

    • 📺 Tokyo Vice, drip drip drip. Shōgun, great!

    • 🌈 One a Month Club, a really cool idea from Jarrod. Not expecting a lot, as the past years have shown me I should keep my expectations very low, but it is a really nice idea. Feel free to visit the page, and pick one of the members to sponsor. €1 a month. It’s not a lot.

    thingsThisWeek #91

    A window covered with various graffiti and doodles including cartoon-like figures, animals, and abstract shapes.

    Too tired to post daily, most updates ended up here. Exhausted.

    • 💖 The girls are back!!! movieStar’s flight home took a slight detour and made a pit stop in Accra, adding a bit of time to an already long route. She made it, though, with just enough time to allow me to get to work, after dropping her off at her parents' place. This was one of the hardest weeks in my life. I used to do this a lot when I was younger (meaning work from dusk to dawn), but I’d get some rest days. And I wasn’t married, and was not a daddy. This time I’m doing it non-stop for a month, and not having the girls close by just adds to the exhaustion. Saying I miss them is an understatement. I did get later starts on a couple of days this week, and we could all spend extra time in bed, just cuddling, laughing, and hugging. And I dropped her off at school three days this week! Felt great!

    • 🗳 Still going. Now with rain. Some events were canceled, since it’s no use to have them when no one is outside. We did get to the beach one day, after another visit to a market. Visited a few more places where people actually work, others where they did. Fancier ones. Folksier ones. The PM candidate joined us a couple of days (no photos, too messy). Assignment ends tomorrow, Friday. I couldn’t find the will to shoot personal photos most of the week, too tired to do it already. Close to 700GB shot, I’ll get over that number on the final day.

    • 🚬 Campaign Trail/Smoking: I’m happy that I went in with a few months smoke-free already, it made staying off the cigs a lot easier. If I had started this assignment closer to the date when I stopped smoking, it would have been a lot harder. Everyone smokes, a lot. There is a lot of driving alone involved. And a lot of waiting. All situations that would push me back into it.

    • 🚚 Campaign Trail/Driving: I love driving. I do. But, after a whole month on the road, it turns out I like driving in my own terms. Not during rush hour. Not sharing the road with people who are checking their phones (SO MANY are doing it). Not having to drive in group rides. Not having to find a parking spot ten times a day, in places where they do not exist.

    • 🗺 I used Apple Maps a LOT, since I always show up early (allowing for navigation errors). It’s not so bad outside the city, if I’m being fair. I don’t really know if there were better ways to get to the venues sometimes, but the choices made by Apple’s app seemed pretty good. The UI/UX is much better than everyone else’s apps. I missed radar/police warnings from Waze, but it was a good month anyway. I complain a lot about the app trying to kill me, turns out it only tries to do that in the capital.

    • 🍷 People drink a lot here. At 9AM! Yes, they do. Not everyone, of course, not even most people, but enough of them for me to notice the pattern. And not all of them are in the “I’ve been working all night, so it’s evening for me” crowd. Not at all. This is a reality I don’t see often, but it happens. Saw it multiple times this month. You go into a cafe, looking for a caffeine boost to wake you up, and the guy next to you is having a brandy!

    • 🖼 Back on Glass, @pratik to blame. I love the profile page on the web, it’s a great way to show a portfolio on the laptop. In fact, I like a lot more on the laptop, the whole Glass experience feels nicer there. I suppose I’ll struggle with posting to this one too. But I’ll try, I will.

    • 🎸 Hermanos Gutiérrez. Find of the week. I’m addicted, watched a ton of videos on YouTube (really nice concerts), and many hours listening to them in the car. They are great. One of the perks of listening to the radio when I’m driving is finding new music. I missed it.

    • 🎙 I listened to fewer podcasts, again. Ruminate is climbing my must-listen list.

    thingsThisWeek #90

    A tray with several disposable cups filled with coffee and a selection of sugar packets on the side, set on a table with a colorful print.

    Not a lot to report. Lonely, busy, tired. That’s about it.

    • 😭 Tired of being away from the girls. This is the worst. It hurts.

    • 🥰 In tinyMovieStar news, not so great visit on Sunday. Drove in the rain for a couple of hours, spent an hour looking at her sleep (awesome), and then got very poorly treated by my own little daughter. Drove back in the rain. Tried video-calling on Tuesday, and the little one screamed at me, while telling me she didn’t want to speak to me. Did the same to movieStar. I was able to try another sleepover on Wednesday, and she welcomed me with open arms! She missed me, I missed her. She has, naturally, a hard time processing these feelings. It’s the first time she goes through this. She’s never been away from both of us, and I had spent one night away from her only until now. Never two.

    • 🚘 Still on the road as official occupation. Every day. Saw a very funky car, the coolest market we visited so far, went south, to the district’s capital city again, Baixa da Banheira (usually the most depressing day of the whole campaign), and Barreiro. Still having fun. Very long days, but a lot of fun. As my car broke down, and it’s not getting younger, I added an ACP (think AAA) subscription. It will be handy if/when something happens again.

    • 🎙️ The End of Vice. Interesting episode. Offers a glimpse into the world of online journalism. Also odd to hear so many “Fuck” on an episode of Cyber. The last one.

    • 📺 Keeping up with Tokyo Vice, saw two episodes in a week. Not really an accomplishment, but I’m so tired everyday when I finally make it home, I’ll just crash.

    thingsThisWeek #89

    Graffiti of a simple winking smiley face on a white wall beneath a window with security bars.

    One more week of on the road. This update was very rushed.

    • 🐔 We are back, thankfully, to the markets! These first couple of weeks on the campaign trail aren’t, officially, campaign. So a few things are banned. Candidates have to figure out what they can do, while staying on the right side of the law. The kind of things the candidates do are, for that reason, not the part I love: with people attending, visiting markets, having meals with dozens of people. More toned down events, visits to factories, firemen, endless meetings. Those days are, finally, mostly gone!! Once in a while it turns out to be very cool, but mostly they are not. This week was better for photos.

    • 🇸🇹 movieStar is gone, to the islands. tinyMovieStar is gone too. This was a very dark cloud, looming over the whole week, worst now that it’s here.

    • 🚗 Car broke down. No time to figure out what’s wrong with it, just dumped it, got another one, and keep on driving. Will take care of it when this job is done.

    • ☂️ New Boo! post. This time about a visit to Macau. Hope you like this one.

    • 🦠 Virus still here. Still coughing. Nose still stuffy.

    • 📺 Tokyo Vice. One episode. That was it, that how much TV I managed to watch this week.

    • 🌐 Kagi’s Small Web is fun.

    • ⭐️ Manton announced the new pricing plans on M.b, and I just upgraded. No idea what I’ll use the extra blogs for, or bookmarks, or notes for that matter, but it felt like the right thing to do. It’s not a perfect service, but it’s not too far either. It’s a great deal.

    thingsThisWeek #88

    Aerial view of a town with buildings spread out, surrounded by greenery, under a cloudy sky with hints of a sunrise in the background, overlooking a body of water.

    Another week spent mostly on the road. Not a lot to add to that.

    • 🗳️ Still going on the campaign trail. Plenty of photos have been shared. Feb 8, Feb 9, Feb 10, Feb 11, Feb 12, none from Feb 13 (day off, carnival day), Feb 14. We had an event in Lisbon (on the 11th), but the rest of the time was spent in the district, with visits to a few of the cities there. Still pre-campaigning, so mostly private visits to companies, warehouses, factories, no public events, except the visits to the Carnival parties.

    • 👸🏻 Day Off on Tuesday. Girls went to the theater. movieStar’s actress friend got them, again, invites for the show (this time Sleeping Beauty, the musical), and that included pizza at the director’s office, with his granddaughters. How happy can a little girl be? This happy.

    • 🦠 I’ve been battling a cold for most of the week. It has been a while since I’ve had one, but it’s not surprising I’m feeling this way. We spend a lot of time outside, in the cold, and another lot inside, stuffier, with large groups of people. Easy to get a virus handed over by someone.

    • 🌐 Driving all over the place. I like it. This was also the week when I finally got my car’s side view mirror replaced. It took a while to find one and, in the end, a slightly different one was sourced. Don’t really care, and wasn’t expecting to find one for a 98 car anymore. Feels good to be able to properly see again.

    • 📺 A lot less tv this week. I have episodes of a few shows waiting in line, patiently. Managed a couple of mr&mrs smith episodes, to get to the end of it. A bit disappointed with this one.

    • 🎙️ It’s Podcast Season! Many hours in the car = many hours of podcasts consumed. I’ve listened to the usual ones, tried a couple others, and even turned Broadcasts on! Listening to my RADAR radio, and some news. I don’t have the habit of news via radio anymore, but being on the campaign trail makes that almost mandatory.

    • ⌨️ I now have a Yes. A ~ account. And a ~ blog!

    • 🦄 Guezota has an account, and a page now. Yeah, that too. My online properties are endless! Still have to figure out what I’m doing with it though.

    • 📖 Another trial of Reader, by Readwise. And I’m trying GoodLinks again, instead of Omnivore. The Reader part is just for fun, as I’m sure as hell not paying that much for it. GoodLinks has been promising highlights for a while, and they never arrive. On the other hand I’m not using them that much in Omnivore anyway. I wish I could still run GoodLinks on the laptop, as that is one of the reasons why I use Omnivore. I save stuff to it on the Air.

    • 📝 Speaking of trials, M.b has a new feature: notes. I wanted to try it, but gave up after a (little) while. Tried upgrading to test the new notes feature, and apps. Was charged a strange amount (around $30), and got an email with the whole math. It was not clear for how long I subscribed, but never mind, let’s test the app. Had issues with dark mode, notebook renaming, and notebook deleting. There’s always one Notebook, it seems, one that keeps respawning. If I renamed it, another one would show up and become default. Silly. Annoying. So I got a couple of screenshots, and wrote a post. When I tried to publish it, I got a warning saying my hosted blog has been canceled, I needed to subscribe. But I just upgraded! Or didn’t I? Wasn’t I charged? Check, I was! I found this all incredibly odd, and decided to just forget it, and “downgrade” by signing up again for a single blog. Got charged another $13, and another email arrived with the math. I don’t get the math again. It’s all too strange, but I’m not too bright either. Again I’m not sure until when I’m subscribed. My account was set to renew in May, I was charged almost $40, so I guess I’m good for another year? My blog seems to be ok again, but already a photo failed to show up on the timeline. It did everywhere else (blog, Mastodon, Bluesky), but not on the timeline. Notes felt very much like a 1.0, as it probably should. And not worth the extra $50 I’d have to pay. Others seem very excited, I’m happy for them.

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