A person sitting on the floor against a wall in an empty room holding and looking down at a baby in their lap. There are doors on adjacent walls and natural light streaming in from one side, casting a warm glow across the hardwood floor.

Sometimes an email lands on your inbox, and a huge new thing needs sorting. A big, dark, cloud now hanging over you. That happened today.

We got a message from our landlord’s lawyers, we have to leave the house by the end of October. Fuck!

We love the house. We even emailed them twice about buying it. They never got back to us. I strongly suspect they didn’t even told the landlord about it.

And now this. The house we love, the house where tinyMovieStar spent her first 4 years. She grew up here!

It does not feel good.

A lot of crying will happen in the next months, I can tell you that.