🌫️ You have been warned.

A view from inside a car driving on a highway flanked by guardrails. Road signs indicate speed limits of 120 km/h for normal conditions and 50 km/h, possibly for adverse conditions. The road is surrounded by mist.

🛣️ Nine hours later, still far from getting back home. I suspect I’ll be sharing a lot of on the road photos…

A curving highway under a cloudy sky with a few cars traveling on it. The highway is surrounded by greenery and trees in the distance. Road signs are visible on the right side of the image.

A black raven and white origami-style bird inside a yellow circle, against a backdrop of green and white pointed stars.
A sticker depicts a stylized face with a mustache and sunglasses, wearing a hat; it's adhered to a surface with other stickers, against a backdrop of buildings.

😴 I’ve been up for a while, I’ll try to sleep now. Still not too late, but tomorrow I’ll head north again, further than a couple of days ago. Getting closer to the Spanish border.

🌳 Another highlight, a daily one, is the countryside. We do have a beautiful country.

View from inside a vehicle driving on a two-lane road bordered by lush green trees, with other vehicles visible ahead. Overcast sky in the background.

👀 It was a very short visit, but the old, abandoned, wine factory was one of the highlights of the day.

A framed blue and white tiled artwork depicting a person inspecting wine bottles and barrels hangs on a textured wall. Below it, a framed map leans against the wall, and an old piece of machinery sits on a weathered wooden floor.

A dimly lit, small office space featuring a single chair at a desk, another chair in the middle of the room, and a large window with bright light filtering through. The room appears to be aged and somewhat neglected, with visible signs of dirt.

The image depicts an indoor storage area with shelves holding various bottle-shaped containers covered in wicker. There are wooden crates and boxes stacked below and to the side. A small stand on the right side has a few wine bottles on display.

🪑 On the way back to the city.

In the meantime we’ve been rammed by one of the caravan’s cars, had a wonderful lunch, and worked a bit.

A dimly lit, abandoned room with a dark, rocky wall and exposed wooden roof beams. An empty black office chair sits in the center. There is a yellow metal ladder on the left and a pile of broken-down cardboard boxes and debris on the

An outdoor area with a corrugated metal roof supported by rusted poles. The walls are white with visible wear and cracks. There are two windows and a green door. An old, brown chair is positioned near one wall. The concrete floor has stains.

😳 Having fun.

A blurred view of a highway on a rainy, foggy day, with water droplets on the camera lens. The road is mostly empty, with only a few cars visible, some with headlights on. The surroundings are obscured due to the weather conditions.

☁️ It’s not going to be pretty. Sunrise in a bit, but it’s cloudy most of the time, and rain keeps coming and going.

Night-time highway view with headlights illuminating the road ahead. The sky is dark blue with scattered clouds, and the road appears deserted. The image conveys a sense of solitude and the vastness of the journey.

A nighttime view from a vehicle driving on a two-lane highway, with headlights illuminating the road ahead. The sky is dark with dense clouds, and the road is surrounded by hills covered in trees.