☀️ Good Morning, Corroios.

A shadowy street scene with a lone individual walking past a row of multi-story, colorful apartment buildings, highlighted by sunlight and contrasted by dark shadows, with trees interspersed along the sidewalk.

🇦🇺 We finally got the package from Australia, the Grannies shades. movieStar made a huge deal out of it, telling the little one she had mail from Australia, Bingo and Bluey had written to her, and sent the shades.

"Are these really from Australia, mom? Are these the real thing? Not the Disney version??"

🎲 Random Afternoon

A person stands on a sidewalk beside a tree, wearing a blue and white jacket, printed skirt, and grey leggings, with a sling bag across their body. They are facing a modern building with a large window and a metal mailbox mounted on the concrete

A person from behind wearing a pied de poule patterned blazer, slightly out of focus, with their hair covering part of the collar.

Graffiti tags and scribbles on a weathered and rusting metal surface.

A weathered, no-entry sign on a pole, with a stone wall in the background where clothes are hung to dry on a wire, and a window with a broken frame to the right.

An elderly person with a cane walking beside a white wall with graffiti, under a no entry road sign, casting a long shadow in the sunlight.

A taped-up window with protective plastic covering, suggesting construction or maintenance, on a building’s exterior wall beside a closed door and wall-mounted utility covers.

A colorful street view of a restaurant exterior with a red sign that reads “COMIDA INDIANA - PIZZA - BURGUER - DONER KEBAB - SNACK.BAR.” A photo menu is displayed beside the entrance,

👨🏻‍🔧 So… We’re dropping the little one. One the way over, car battery light turns on. Dashboard having issues. Power steering gone (car is DAMN heavy)! Car won’t turn on again. Dead.

We’re far away from home, thankfully father-in-law has a spare car. My father wanted to come pick us up.


🎯 The Candidate Shoots Back

A corridor flanked by marble walls with a glass ceiling reflecting the sky, featuring a large poem inscribed on the floor. Visitors are standing and walking along the corridor, with one person crouched and taking a photograph.

🚬 Being locked in a car, for hours, with smoking travel buddies, is not an easy situation for an ex-smoker living stressful days.

🌊 Sines Morning

An individual wearing a cap and camouflage pants is seated on a chair in a modern interior with a glass-paneled staircase, white walls, and marble flooring. There are two empty chairs and a table beside them.

A statue of the Virgin Mary wrapped in plastic, displayed behind a glass window with a €200.00 price tag.

Street scene with a blue Mini Cooper, colorful mailboxes, and stone-paved road, with traditional European architecture and a visible no-entry sign.

Chairs wrapped in plastic for protection, lined up against a wall.

🥺 Today (later later today) is also the day tinyMovieStar will be left at my in-laws for a week. Can’t say I’m looking forward to that one.

😎 Going further south today, so I got a ride with someone. Long trips get quite expensive with my fossil fuel guzzler, who also pays a bag of money on each highway toll.

😝 Fancy Meeting Spot

Outdoor seating area with wooden tables and benches, a trash bin, and a potted plant in the foreground. A large building with the logo of Lidl, a supermarket chain, and a partial reflection of a McDonald’s sign in the background. Shadows

A parking lot with vehicles, silhouetted trees, and shadows cast on the ground by a low sun.

Interior of a modern fast food restaurant with digital ordering kiosks, assorted dining tables and chairs, and large graphic art on the walls.

Painted symbols of a family with one adult and two children on a green textured ground with the word “families” written below.