🛒 We ran out of sriracha. Got some more. Love the Chinese supermarket.

Stacked white sacks with red Chinese characters.

Cans with a cartoon character’s face printed on them, displayed on a shelf alongside other products.

What if I tried to make a game? A very simple one?

GB Studio has been downloaded, and it runs on the old Air. Exporting a ROM worked perfectly.

💭 For today’s dreamy prompt, a couple others were waiting in line:

Aerial view of a large, dome-shaped rocky island in the ocean with a smaller rock formation nearby, under an overcast sky with low clouds.

A surfer stands on a misty beach with a surfboard, looking towards the waves.

A misty tropical road with lush vegetation and tall palm trees visible through the fog. The view is partially obscured by the silhouette of a car’s dashboard in the foreground.

Two people standing under an umbrella on a foggy day with historic statues and wet ground visible in the background.

🐌 Day After. Slow.

📷 Day23 : dreamy (@maique)

A foggy scene with two individuals, one standing and one on a motorcycle, near a house with lush vegetation.


🦚 I’m going to miss the screaming peacocks in the morning.

🥵 Thankfully this is a once-a-year situation. She’s happy as can be, we’re exhausted. 

💝 Party.