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Inspired by omg.lol, again, I just ordered a doodle from Hey Hey Momo.

Momo drew the cutest heart I’ve seen for them, and I’d love to get a new avatar from him.

It’s coming 🥰

The Coolest Car

Citroën Méhari

detail of Citroën Méhari

detail of Citroën Méhari

detail of Citroën Méhari

detail of Citroën Méhari

detail of Citroën Méhari

detail of Citroën Méhari

detail of Citroën Méhari

Citroën Méhari. Orange, of course.

Ulysses has been acting up in ways that I cannot understand. Posts disappear while I’m writing them, after spending minutes getting all the photos in order.

No longer trust it.

Slower morning today…

Taking our time before the birthday party begins. Girls at the pool, I’m enduring the sunburn in bed 🤣

lying in bed, with a window in the background

Getting a lot of small videos, on top of the usual photos, and I can’t wait to edit them, and get an overview of tinyMovieStar’s vacation together.

Family member birthday party today, we’re skipping beach until much later in the day.

Happy coincidence, as yesterday I stayed in the sun WAY longer than I should, and I wouldn’t want people to mistake me for a tourist on the beach 🤣🤣

A python never loses interest or goes away of its own accord. You must make it do so.

Underestimating China on Taiwan: What Comes Now? | JAPAN Forward

Algarve, DayFour

two dogs

The day started with dogs and bagels, and then we were off to the beach. Family joined us a bit later.

a man practices stand up paddle with a girl and toddler sitting up front

We spent the whole day there, enjoying the beautiful weather and calm waters. We played with rackets, tried Stand Up Paddle, and built sand castles (now called Paw Patrol headquarters).

a toddler having fun at the beach club

A break for beer and food at lunch time, at the beach club, more beaching, and dinner at the restaurant on the beach. It was the only place we could find that could host us. August in Algarve is restaurant chaos, everywhere we called was fully booked. We even called a restaurant across the border, also not accepting anyone else.

a big heart stands at the entrance to the beach

Getting a table for dinner is impossible, booking a table is close to that. Darn, Algarve.

Tried SUP, fell down a couple of times. Not as easy as it looks from the outside.

6:28, the sun is rising. I guess I won’t get any more sleep now. Time to start thinking about that first coffee… ☕️

Algarve, DayThree

a woman sits on a chair, sunrise light coming into the photo

movieStar’s family joined us at the beach. Long day, with games, food, drink, running around, and no nap time for tinyMovieStar.

a toddler shows a fashion magazine

a toddler wearing yellow shades sits on daddy’s shoulders

a toddler plays with two big dogs

two man and a bicycle, on the beach

We were all exhausted by the end.

a woman hangs laundry to dry in the field, with a toddler close by

Not everyone crosses the border by car…

a jetski on the river

Algarve, DayTwo

a couple walks at sunset

Pool in the morning, beach before lunch time, and the usual hop across the border to Ayamonte, for the afternoon and early dinner.

a door with “Ave Maria” written on it, and some tables and chairs

a toddler plays with a pink ball

We came back, predictably, with a ton of croquetas de jamon in our bellies.

a store front, “churreria” written on it

front wheel of a motorcycle, the word “mod” on top of a chess pattern

a mom holds a toddler

street art, monks asking for alms

two kids walk by a coffee shop

In a couple of days: Sevilla.

a gas station during sunset

Algarve, DayOne

After a three hour drive, highway full of people, we made it to our little paradise.

mom and toddler have fun in the sea

I picked up some supplies while the movieStars took a nap, and then off to the beach.

Epic day! Warm water, beach empty at our secret spot.

Mel is here as well!

a cat lying on wooden floor

Welcome Party

a purse with “Clara’s things” written on it

We made it. Our hosts for the week are the sweetest, and we found a small purse on the bathroom. “Clara’s Stuff” 🥰

a chameleon

The dogs are here, and so was a chameleon.

a dog stands close to a wooden house

Poo Time

I could never imagine poo time would be one of my favorite parts of the day. Not mine, mind you, but tinyMovieStar’s.

toddler at poo time, laughing

Whenever she announces she has to go, I know I’m in for a great time. We talk a lot while she’s at it. Some of the most incredible chats we have had happen at poo time.

We go through the highlights of the day, or something she wants to share with us. Serious at times, funny most of the time, always a pleasure.

No one has ever told us about this.

toddler taking a bath in a bathroom sink

Or the multiple places where a bath is so totally right.

The bathroom is now one of our favorite places, I guess.

It starts tomorrow, but already got an email from Craig Mod’s TOKIO TŌKYŌ TOKYO.

It’s going to be a great week!


Add bacon and I turn into happyMaique.

Caturday, Still Going…

a kitten plays with her human friend

Couch and kitten. Perfect Sunday.

Laaaaaaazy Sunday.

Recharging, tomorrow we’re back on the road.

Nap Time

a kitten sleeps on a lap

See you in a bit.

From Kabul to Kyiv, Lynsey Addario has documented conflict worldwide, with an emphasis on women’s issues, for 20 years.

Photojournalist Lynsey Addario honoured for her work – in pictures


Entertainment for the whole family, the new kitten at my in-laws…

a kitten

same kitten

same kitten yet again


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