📷 Day 29 : contrast (@gregmoore)

A person and a big umbrella on a camera’s monitor. Two out of focus people in the background.


🥺 Not the same, anymore. Not at all.

A couple has a drink , flare all over them.

A cobbled street.

Scooters parked, and graffiti in the back.

Street art piece.

Cobbled street with bars.

Street art piece.

💔 Time to kill before another photo shoot, decided to check a place where we spent years of our lives. It’s full of tourist oriented stuff, almost all the OG places gone by now. Made me feel a bit sad, but tourists seem to be having a ball.

I guess it’s still cool, if you’ve never been.

📷 Day 28 : workout (@rom)

A woman runs by the river, bridge on the background, scooters on the foreground.


🔬Looking at the archive, trying to find a photo for today’s word. My fingers are getting quite the workout!

⏰ Woke up with the watch alarm buzzing on my arm. First time in forever, as I’m always up before that.

🤗 Back home after a long, tiresome, and yet fun, assignment. Next? Editing. These must be sent today.

🍊 Working my way to the venue of today’s assignment…

Girls talking in front of bright, ugly, buildings.

Stairway with oranges painted on tiles.

📷 Day 27 : embrace (@mroutley)

People walk by a construction site, there’s a poster in the back that says “Embrace Change”.


🇹🇷🇯🇴 Let the planning begin…

Started adding places to the map already.

Organic Maps on iOS, with some markers on Istanbul and Aqaba/Petra.

Seems like a good time to give Organic Maps a thorough test, even though we’ll have an internet connection the whole time we’re there (hearing good things about Holafly).

📦 Up and down the street, shipping a couple of things sold on Vinted. Today I’m working late in the afternoon, so that was convenient.

A derelict building, with cars parked in front of it.

A graffitied truck. A face with a sideways look.

A man sits in a chair, his back to us. There’s a potted plant.

A classic looking door.

A vintagy door, maybe from the 70’s?

Some buildings.

A ramen place with a lot of scaffolding all around its door.

💶 Another sale on Vinted. Yay.

🍕 Pizza Night (more like Pizza Afternoon)

Every day, when we’re walking to kindergarten, we have a mandatory stop: our local pizza place.

Mom and daughter sitting at a table, trees all around.

Early in the morning there’s always dough in the kneading machine, facing the window. It’s a big machine. We have to pick tinyMovieStar up (assuming she’s not riding on my shoulders already), and look at the dough, slowly moving this way and that way.

The kitchen staff smiles, we wait a couple of minutes, and move on.

Every. Day.

We used to go there often, but not so much these days. We asked the little one if she’d like to taste the pizza made with that dough, and of course she would. We picked her up from school today, and told her we would visit a secret garden. A wonderful garden where we could have pizza.

A girl, pizza, crayons, and pillows.

Sitting in said garden, armed with restaurant-provided crayons and drawing paper, we had a lovely time. Yummy pizza as always.

Sentinelle, 2023 - ★★½

Watched on Tuesday September 26, 2023.

🎨 Walking from the metro station to the hospital. A good walk.

Street art. A portrait.

Street art. A portrait.

Street art. Two women, looking at each other.

Street art. A portrait.

Street art. “Better together”.

Street art. A portrait.

Street art. Two portraits side by side.

Street art. A portrait.

Street art. A man walks by a sculpture on a wall.

Street art.

Street art. A hand.

🚇 Early morning subway is very different from morning subway. No tourists in sight.

😩 Worst side effect of these crazy shooting schedules? I miss dropping tinyMovieStar off at kindergarten.

📷 Day 26 : beverage (@annie)

An assortment of colorful drinks on a vending machine.


🤨 Alarm set for 0645. Of course I’m up at 0430!

thingsThisWeek #67

Mom and daughter, hand in hand.

Messy week, plenty of work (too much, maybe?).

  • 👩🏻‍🏫 Adulting-wise, the week started with a PTA meeting at kindergarten. What. A. Long. Meeting. The kindergarten where tinyMovieStar spends her days has a fun story, and I’m not sure I’ve told it before. Back in 74, right after the Revolution, parents occupied the building where the school stands today. Available kindergartens were not enough, and they decided to do something about it. A board was created, and a kindergarten was born. Others did the same, elsewhere. Over the years the others turned into a more regular managerial style, but this one is still managed by the parents. Some are parents of kids who left the school over a decade ago. They just love the model so much, the volunteer their time. It’s really cool.

  • 🍰 We had a birthday party at the park, as another one of the kids at school celebrated her birthday. There’s one every week, as we have over 50 kids at her school. This was a cool one. Since these kids have been here for a couple of years now, parents are also a lot more friendly, and familiar. We enjoy a beer, the kids have a lollipop and some cake. We’ll have to start skipping some, eventually, but we’re still attending. Most parents are really cool too.

  • 🍰 And, trying to keep the party going, a friend also had her birthday celebration, this time at home. Dinner with family (big one), and friends. Plenty of kids as well.

  • 📷 Doing the hospital rounds again for work. This week I had Tuesday, and Wednesday shoots at two different hospitals. Waking up before sunset, well before sunset, off to work, and back home just in time to wake the movieStars up. Next week I’m back at it, a couple more days. These are usually fun. Not brilliant fun, but entertaining. One of the pluses is that there are not a lot of photos to edit when I get back home. Best case scenario I’ll send 15/20 of each session, meaning not a lot of time spent at the computer. Sunday was different, a big conference, with an assortment of events: concerts, theater,… Monday was go out of Lisbon and work day.

  • 📺 The Morning Show, season 3. Slow start. No time.

  • 🏊‍♀️ This was also the week when tinyMovieStar had her first swimming lesson. We walked down the street to the Clube Nacional de Natação, and watched as she walked into the pool. She had a wonderful time. The teacher made sure she felt comfortable, and was always paying attention to her. She missed a couple of classes already, so the other kids were feeling a little more at home. She was named “captain of the team”, and that helped a lot. She spent the entire class looking at mom and dad, giving us thumbs up, and smiling. She loved it. Of course, when night came, she said she didn’t want to go anymore! That’s her thing this month: having fun, and then letting us know she will not do that anymore.

  • ⭐️ Photoblogging Challenge is ongoing. This week’s entries can be found here: 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25. Again, not a perfect week.