{micro maique}

What am I up to?

Watching the Oceanic+ videos is not helping!

πŸ‘° Thinking about tomorrow’s wedding

For one 24-hour period, we challenge you to post a single photo that provides a glimpse into what life is like where you are.

A New “Day in the Life of Micro.blog” Photo Challenge for 2022 - Jean MacDonald

I’m in!

⏳ Waiting for tinyMovieStar’s bedtime

πŸ§‘β€πŸ³ After taxi driver, and doctor, it’s now time to play the cook part

On the way back from the barbershop, one of the coolest buildings in the area.

an Arabic looking building

πŸ‘¨β€βš• Trying to get cough medicine down tinyMovieStar’s throat

Just discovered you can have a macro button on the default camera app, and turn off that annoying macro on/macro off dance whenever you get too close to things!

Why, oh why, am I still watching Ultra review videos on YouTube??

🚌 About to start my route. Picking up the girls next.

Two domains renewed. One was due today, the other close to a year away. I had to take care of the first one anyway, so why not do both? I’m not dropping this one…

NextDNS was accidentally turned off, and boy what a mess that was! TONS of ads suddenly showed up.

Where did all this rain come from??

πŸ” It’s burger day! Yay!

Barber: done.

A barbershop with a Balinese design on the ceiling, a patron is getting a haircut

Back from Belarmino, where Miguel did his thing again. Happy with the result, as always.

A skull sticker on a barber chair

They have a ton of stickers there, and found one from Marta, one of the barbers there. It’s sticker spotter latest post, but also managed to get a photo from the real one.

Portrait of a woman barber looking at her phone during a break

Surprisingly, I was asked to join them in an event that’s happening in November. As a model! They must be desperate for hair and beard models, so I said yes. Helping a friend out, and getting a haircut while at it, that’s pretty great.

Detail of a pair of vans sneakers

πŸ¦„ Looking like a million bucks! Well, maybe 10 bucks…

The mess I miss.

two girls eat a bowl of pho in Vietnam, motorcycles and people in the background

The weather is also getting colder, I miss the sticky hot of Vietnam too.


πŸ’ˆ Getting a haircut, finally

As cool as they come! 😻

a hello kitty sneaker

There’s a visit to the barber, a photo exhibit that opens today, and a friend that come down from Porto for that show that I’d love to meet.

I managed to edit all the photos yesterday, so I’m hoping that’s about it for today.

😩 New day already??

🌜 Bedtime

Just noticed Old Man is already available on Disney+. A couple of episodes, that is.

I believe we have found our next series to watch. LOVE Jeff Bridges.

The week turned out to be a little busier than expected. Thankfully there’s still time to keep my barber appointment tomorrow, otherwise I’d look like a crazy man on Friday’s wedding!

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Enjoying how tinyMovieStar mispronounces words

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