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We went out, had lunch, bought a book for tinyMovieStar.

Now waiting for the time to pick her up from kindergarten.

Oh, sent an invoice as well!

And that’s about it.

Spread over two days, I managed to watch The Angel.


Thailand… Thailand… We had to stop there, right?

Welcome to another episode of theAmazingHoneymoon!

The places inspiring your return to travel.

🔗 The Best Countries in the World: 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards | Condé Nast Traveler

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I remembered I should probably update Homebrew.
Turns out I had 31 outdated formulae, and needed to “unshallow clones”. It’s been going on for a while now. Thankfully it’s cold, so I actually welcome the heat coming from the little Air.

  • “It’s time to sleep, tinyMovieStar…”

  • “But… I want to draw. And I want to play with cubes. And I want bananas. And I want music…”

Here we go again…

Didn’t ride back to the meet the movieStars last night. movieStar said I should stay in town, my father in-law would even thank me for riding the bike back to his place. It was hard staying away from them for the first time but, on the (only) plus side, I did sleep for 11 hours!

Also, in Apple news, finally got to the bottom of an issue that was driving me (and my Air) nuts. High CPU from SystemUIServer, and the annoying fans going at all times. For months.

Date and Time on the menu bar! That was it. Turned that off, and the problem went away. Uff.

Day in Photos

It was long, mostly very boring, with some interesting highlights.

Tomorrow I’ll have more of this. Maybe it’s better. At least it’s an hour shorter.

Back-breaking assignment done for today. Tomorrow we’re back for part two. For now: Indian for dinner, and maybe a movie.


Why. Do. We. Have. To. Do. This!

thingsThisWeek #10

  • 😰 Tired. When are we supposed to get our energy level up? There’s no way we’re getting as much sleep as we need to, and our waking hours are spent either working, or taking care of tinyMovieStar. I get it that this is normal, but…

  • 🍿 Red Notice. That was fun and light. Managed to watch this over a couple of days, parts of it on the tv and others on the iPhone. That’s how I can do it these days. Never enough time to watch a movie in one go! Nevertheless I now have a Letterboxd account! Everyone at Micro.blog seems to have one, so why not?

  • 🍺 Met Mansinho for a beer, finally. It’s been forever since I’ve been able to do it. Talked a bit about the newspaper, and sometimes I do miss it. Miss not knowing what I’d be doing next week, but there would always be a chance that it was interesting. Also miss the steady pay. Yup. Miss that.

  • 📷 Was asked to shoot the kindergarten kids, and promptly said yes. I was a little anxious, kids are not my favorite subject, but everything went smoothly. Would have loved to spend more time there, but we were shooting outdoors, it was pretty cold, and no one wanted to have more sick children. Looking forward to next time.

  • 💖 Our blog is coming along nicely, a couple more posts were added. We’re now in full honeymoon mode. I’m enjoying the trip a lot, going back, great memories, looking through the photos again. Happy times then, happy times now.

  • 🛵 We spent friday night at my in-laws, an hour away from the city. Slept there, but I have work in the city during the weekend, so had to drive back. Better, ride back. My father-in-law was kind enough to let me ride his Harley, and I was looking forward to the time I’d spend pretending I’m still a rider. Turns out the weather was lousy, raining and windy as hell, but I sticked to the plan, and did it anyway! Riding back late at night won’t be as “fun”.

  • 💖 We kinda took Friday off, and went on a city tour without tinyMovieStar. Went shopping, ate out, enjoyed the sun, we had a blast. We should do this more often, but work gets in the way. And, now, maybe the new omicron will too. Damn!

I’ve joined the gang, and I’m now on Letterboxd. Watching a lot more series than movies, but had to do it, right?

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EyeEm, the site that keeps on giving. This month: $0.72!

It probably doesn’t even pay for the electricity spent on this post.

One Tired maique?

Sure, here you go:

We went out hours before lunch time, walked around for a while, had a great lunch, shopped, and acted like we were tourists in town.

Felt amazing.

Table for One


Sometimes it’s worth it to look inside.

No sleep. A true story.

  1. tinyMovieStar goes to bed. It’s around 8PM, probably closer to 7.30PM. She sleeps.

  2. Around 1AM I decide to do the same, I’m exhausted.

  3. The little one wakes up 30 seconds later. That’s it.

  4. It’s now 2.30AM, everyone is still awake.

  5. Yay.

I know I signed up to Letterboxd in the past, can’t remember the email I used! The user “maique” exists, has no activity, and I’m trying to get it back… Would hate if I had to use another username on this one.

Sent support an email, a reply would be nice when I wake up.

A tiny glitch in the Time Machine made me skip Indonesia, our port of call right before Malaysia.
Here you go: 🇮🇩Indonesia.

Fixed, but get ready for a VERY photo-heavy post.

Thanks to @ndreas I’m finally able to test Zenly with a friend. He’s so right, feels like Foursquare had a baby with Snapchat.

It’s fun, and I have that strange feeling that I’m always missing a feature because I didn’t swipe or tap in some particular way.

Enjoying it.

A lot of photos left out, but there you go: 🇲🇾Malaysia is online.

Another episode of theAmazingHoneymoon saga.

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