👖 First time I’m traveling, and no pants to be found on the backpack. We’re spending the week in shorts, in and out of the water, so why bother?

Also first time I’m taking a single watch! I must be getting crazy!

🪑 A pair of #beSeated photos.

A small, weathered, blue-painted shed with a closed door. An old chair with a cushion is placed against the wall beside the door. A wooden fence and a lemon tree are visible in the background under a clear blue sky.

A small, weathered concrete building with a corrugated metal roof is shown. The structure has two doors; the left door is rusted and the right door is painted light blue with some rust spots. A broken wooden chair.


🎒 Packed.

🚪 Cool Store

Vertical blinds with sunlight casting shadows. Large, stylized letters spell “TIME,” with smaller text reading “PRINT MAKING,” “SIGN WRITING,” and “ITEMS CRAFTING."

💺 Check-in has been made. Transfer has been booked.

I’ll pack tomorrow.

🇯🇵 GW-5000U

A close-up of a black Casio G-Shock wristwatch with a digital display showing the time and date.

How wrong was I? On this post I said

Not ready to spend the money on a GW-5000U just yet, I went for a GW-M5610U. Because module.

One month and a half later, the GW-5000U is here. Because module.

I really like this module. It does everything I need. And it even syncs with MB6, something I was not used to.

I spent weeks looking at the Japanese version, and it was impossible to not get it.

The image shows the back of a black Casio wristwatch, displaying its features such as “Shock Resistant,” “Stainless Steel,” “Water Resistant 20BAR,” and “Made in Japan."

And, in fact, it’s everything everyone raves about, everywhere: the band is MUCH nicer, it’s a bit heavier on the wrist (but still lighter than many of the other watches I own), and the back side is gorgeous.

I might do something crazy, and take on watch only on our trip!

✅ Plans for today:

  • Haircut
  • Dentist
  • Pick up G-Shock
  • Pack for tomorrow’s trip

Guess which one I’m looking forward to?

🇲🇽 Still testing the RNI app. Still want the LR presets.

View through a car window on a rainy day, showing a mural outside featuring a man wearing a traditional Mexican sombrero with “VIVA MEXICO” written above him. There is also a blue, fern-patterned mattress beside the mural.

😝 I really needed to be reminded about RNI Films, like I need another app to edit photos!

Image of a patio viewed through a large glass door, featuring an outdoor seating area with a lounger and blue chair. The patio is shaded by a pergola with slatted white panels casting striped shadows. In the background, there are various plants.

Thanks, Alex, appreciate that a lot!