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Glad to find @cliffordbeshers on the latest @monday episode. I enjoyed his Micro Camp presentation, happy to hear his voice again.

Finished The Terminal List. Nice series, filled with great performances. I do believe I enjoyed the book a little more.

Well worth a watch, anyway.

It was a really nice weekend, even with half a Saturday lost to work. The girls went to the beach while I was away.

A man arranges some leaves on a table.

Truth be told, the assignment was also fun. Food and wine, as they all seem to be these days.

tinyMovieStar is having a Diva Day. Not easy.

4th of July

A school boy wearing a battered t-shirt with an American flag printed on it.

You’re a little battered, but it’s still your birthday. Happy 4th of July.

Editing day.

The one good thing about it? I spend a lot longer sitting in front of a computer, and that means more time for micro.blog.

What is paste.lol?

The internet didn’t ask for another pastebin, and it certainly didn’t need one, but here we are.

Another service from the incredible Adam Newbold, creator of omg.lol. Free with every omg.lol account. Go get yours, if you don’t have one already.

Finished season 6 of the Peaky Blinders. Would love a few more.


A heart is painted on the wall of an old building by a road.

Back on the road, back to finding more photos for loveProject.

Papi Obstacle Course

A toddler uses dad’s legs as an obstacle course, with help from mom

Feeling a little better, tinyMovieStar made it to the beach with her little friends from kindergarten.

Real fun, however, begins when she gets home 🤣

The weekend is upon us. Going out of town again, and there’s work for me tomorrow as well. Not a perfect weekend, but should be good.

Started watching The Terminal List. Book felt much faster paced than the series so far…

Spending the day with tinyMovieStar, and the in-laws. movieStar needs to work. I do too, but can do it later, into the night.

A mix that reminds you, no amount of architectural, infrastructural, and urban brutality can strip humans of their soulfulness and natural generosity.

🔗 Walking the World: Hanoi (part 1) - by Chris Arnade

Imaginary bruises need very real band-aids, but the kind with little animals (or Peppa) on them.

Five pharmacies later, I have secured three different packs. Mission accomplished.

Longish day, with incredible lunch with movieStar, a visit to Mom&Dad, and still time to edit and send the photos that I had to deliver. Done.

Sunday afternoon, back home, looking at the photos from Friday’s assignment.

Must. Send. Tomorrow.


Saturday is “wash your car” day.

Toddler washes her toy car.

And, on Sunday, you cook family lunch.

Toddler baking a “cake”.

Busy busy…

Happy Sunday

After a relatively quiet Saturday, and an very relaxing sleep holding tinyMovieStar (or was it the other way around?) for hours, it’s time for coffee and a great Sunday.

A big orange cup of coffee.

Hope you have a great one too.


Nice Day

It’s was a lovely day. Plenty of yummy food, and we drove to four different vineyards.

Appetizers were incredible, main dishes as well. No photos from dishes, sorry 🙂

Olives and croquettes


A cool take on a hot dog. Brioche bread, spicy sausage, and chili butter.

And a first for me, a rock vineyard.

A vineyard on a bed of rocks.

Closeup of rocks on a vineyard.

Off I go again. And, surprise, it’s another visit to a winery!

This time, though, not for the usual client, I’m doing it for the paper.

Uploading, sorting, and tagging photos on Flickr, when you have so many of tinyMovieStar, is a full-time job.

Too lazy to post anything, except new stuff on sticker spotter.

Have things I want to post, but too many photos need to be picked for that to happen, so this is it for now… Sorry about that.


A Casio G-Shock watch. A simple, small, one.

Happy with the solar feature. Don’t care that much about Bluetooth, but not worrying about batteries is a big plus.

How’s yours, @helgeg? Arrived?

Finally managed to listen to @sod’s @monday episode. Great one, as usual. Thanks for keeping this up, @jean.

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