{micro maique}

Turning the laptop on. It’s been weeks since I’ve done that, and I didn’t miss it a bit.

Back home. Again. This time we can’t leave again, tinyMovieStar has skipped enough days at kindergarten already.

tinyMovieStar seems very comfortable in this pool/beach lifestyle.


A palm tree next to a building.

12 hours after getting home, we drove three hours. tinyMovieStar wanted a beach and, even though we have them next to town, the Algarve is SO much better, right?

Still sick, both of the grown ups, and tinyMovieStar is feeling great. Woke up a couple of hours ago, went to the supermarket, and already thinking about going down to the Algarve. The little one wants a beach, and we can’t obviously find a closer beach. 250km away.

Trip Day

First leg: boat ride to the mainland.

A mom and a toddler sit close to a window, hugging.

Here we go.

Here. We. Go.

Long day ahead. See you back home.

Tech I had no idea I’d love, but works incredibly well and makes life SO much easier: eSIM.

Problem averted, we now have a ride to the pier. Only thing left to do: get bus tickets.

Both feeling miserable, and already stressing a little about tomorrow. Full day of traveling, still no bus tickets, and it’s impossible to book a taxi or Uber for the first leg, the trip to the pier.

Fingers crossed, but we’ll be out of here at 7AM, rain or shine.

Another day, another trip to the pharmacy. This time: Zyrtec.

Someone who’s not a coffee drinker made coffee for us today. 9 hours later I’m starting to wonder how much coffee did she actually use!

Incredible day today. Friends of our amazing host (who’s not on the island) invited us for lunch, and spent the whole afternoon showing us around, places we would probably not find out on our own. Merci beaucoup.

Small change of plans: we’re staying an extra day on the island, and then doing Boat + Bus + Uber + Plane in one go!

Leaving the island at 07:30AM, tinyMovieStar is going to love it. Not.


A family selfie, with everyone smiling.

Not easy, with fever, cough, and a splash of the infamous “Terrible Twos”, but sometimes everything aligns.

Was running out of data on my roaming allowance, couldn’t find a single SIM card on the island.

The I remembered: eSIM! 5 minutes later I had the QR Code ready to scan, a French number (oh la la), and an extra 15GB. Hopefully these will last until we’re back home.

Cycling, piggyback riding, cycling, piggyback riding… tinyMovieStar is having a blast. We’re just tired. It’s like going to gym, but all day, every day 🤣

Vive la France!

(Disclaimer: We’re also having fun)

Left the hotel. Ubers hard to find, only one available. Demonstrations all over town. Crazy traffic. Kamal did manage to get us to the bus station with 3 minutes to spare.

Tickets bought, boarded bus. We’re off!

Next: bus ride (provided we can find tickets), and a boat trip. Then we’ll finally be on the island.

Fever seems to have gone away. Hopefully for good.

Two days in, already exhausted. The little one woke up with a fever, so today I spent a fair amount of time at the pharmacy. Four trips there.

We did get some nice food, beer, and walks.

All is good.

Here we go, on se voit de l’autre côté.

No time to watch WWDC today, with all the preparation going on. I’ll catch up later, I’m sure a lot of posts will show up on the timelines.

One Day to Go

A Seiko Turtle watch on a Bond NATO strap.

The part that’s ready. That’s all. Bags still unpacked.

One day to go. Can’t say I’m not a little nervous.

One year of Disney+, starting… now!

Things I Love