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My Ulysses theme, movieStars (what else?), has been approved!

I’ve been enjoying the app (and the theme), for a while now, and I’m happy that everyone can now try it out.

Enjoy 😊

tinyMovieStar has tested positive. The bigger movieStar, and myself, negative. Of course that had to happen when I’m away. Fuck.

She’s ok. That’s the important bit.

I’m telling you, she knows when I have to get up early, and picks those days to stay up late!

Past midnight, and we’re going around in circles: pee, play, eat, drink, story time, it doesn’t matter.

Battery Bunny, you have lost the battle, there’s a new Queen in town!

Packing almost done for tomorrow’s and Monday trip up north. Most important items: powerbanks! Two of them, totaling 30000mAh. Gotta keep the phone happy and fed!

Also gloves, the temperature should get down close to 0 during the night!

Not Particularly Exciting

A rather bland morning at the projects. The usual assortment of characters one finds there, on top of a couple of markets.

Highlight was meeting Tiago, after months without seeing him.

Back home, and spend the rest of the day with the movieStars. Not bad.

Today’s spot is a LOT less glamorous than the ones we’ve visited before.

Yesterday I had an amazing commute, with a few good photos. Today I’m back to driving, but I’ll get to see a friend I haven’t met in a while.

No two days are alike.

thingsThisWeek #17

  • 😔 A sad way to start the week, the saddest. As I had work to do during the weekend, I would be unable to spend the weekend with the girls and the in-laws, our usual weekend activity. So, I dropped the girls at their place, out in the countryside, and spent the weekend alone at home. That is, the brief moments I had to be at home. Missed them a lot. Not used to being away from them.
  • 📷 Busy week, shooting the campaign for the upcoming election. Early start every day. It’s great to see old friends again, and being out shooting them is always great fun. We get around the whole district, that’s another plus. I also get some driving time, great to pick up new songs from the radio, or listen to a podcast episode on the way there and back. All in all, I enjoy these. Getting up so early in the morning is a pain, not being able to take tinyMovieStar to kindergarten is not nice, but it’s work, and it will be over soon.
  • 🍿 Thunder Force (⭐️), The Hitman’s Bodyguard(⭐️⭐️⭐️), Who Am I (⭐️⭐️⭐️½), Flight (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️), Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord (⭐️⭐️⭐️), as well as a series, Folk med Ångest. But that is mostly me, movieStar didn’t find it too appealing. I might give up on it as well. We did finish Hit & Run. Nice enough, but we thought it was no match for Fauda. Next up: After Life, season 3. We’ve been waiting for a very long while.
  • 🖍 Back to school for tinyMovieStar, and I couldn’t be the one dropping her off after the vacation. I had to work. Bummer! She did have a birthday party, from her closest friend no less, and was thrilled to get back. Happy for all of us.
  • 🦠 Booster shot day was also a part of the week. We don’t have a vaccination center close to home now, at least not that close, so I drove to the other side of town, and got my shot. In and out in no time, just like before. Furthermore, the week when we started getting emails from tinyMovieStar’s kindergarten, people are testing positive over there. These are the first emails, which is a little scary, but also surprised we didn’t get any before. Classes started in September, it’s incredible that no one caught the bug until now. Anyway, side effects felt a little milder than before, but I had to work the following day, and that was not easy.
  • 💻 No time for anything else. That’s it.

River Ride

Taking advantage of the fact that today’s venue for the campaign was just across the river, I thought I might skip the driving part and just take the boat there.

The time I was supposed to be there was also a little later than usual, so I had the opportunity to take it slower.

Grabbed an electric scooter, rode it down to the river, managed to get a couple of sticker shots after I dropped it, and walked to the pier.

Boats leave roughly ten minutes apart at this time, and the packed ones are coming into town, not the other way around. My boat, as expected, was mostly empty.

Ten minutes later I found myself on the south bank, ready for a few more stickers, and another handful of photos while I made my way to the place where work would happen.

The city streets also empty, as most people are already across the river to work.

Did the work, walked back to the boat. Another short scooter ride and I was home editing. Still time to do it before tinyMovieStar left kindergarten.

No time for lunch. That happened at five.

A TON of photos on the way to work today. Post coming later, get that bandwidth ready!

She’s close to 2 years old, and I don’t want her to grow anymore. She’s perfect like this! 🥰

Must get some new photos for sticker spotter, running a little low…

Day Two after the booster, feeling much better. No work today, so I get to drop the little one at kindergarten 🥰

Some errands to run, but should be an easy day.

You’re missed.

Thinking about you often, but these days you’re even more present. Miss you.

Foggy Morning

Foggy Day

Not feeling great, it was a rougher night. Side-effects feel milder, but body and head still hurt.

I do have to work. It’s not going to be pretty, but hopefully I’ll be home by lunch time.

Booster Place

The new vaccination spot is further away, but the street art is nicer. There was none on the other one 😊

15 minute wait only at the end, not the usual half hour.

Get up, have coffee, get ready to leave, drop the little one at kindergarten, drive to the vaccination center, get boosted, come back.

These are my plans for the morning.

Skipped work today, booster trumps everything.

My favorite thing these days: when tinyMovieStar uses me as a pillow and falls asleep on my face. Having her face pressed against mine, and hearing the sounds she makes while she’s drifting away is amazing.

Now getting mentions on Twitter from people you will get me a Covid certicicate (sic), complete with QR Code, that will allow me to skip restrictions…

I guess that’s what “Block and Report” is for…

New Røde microphone on the way. Hopefully this one will last longer than an hour! 😩

Enjoying the Work

I do love these days.

New 20000mAh powerbank is home.
I will also use it as an exercising tool, it’s HEAVY!

Back from Grândola

Grey, almost raining. Market was almost deserted but, unlike yesterday, everyone had to show a vaccine certificate at the gate.

A walk around town, also nearly empty, and back home.

Here we go again. This time we’re going a bit further south, glad I’m not driving today. Feeling so sleepy I’m happy a professional is handling that.

Also good luck, tinyMovieStar, I’m sure sleeping at midnight on the night before going back to kindergarten was a super idea!

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