{micro maique}

No time to write, just random shots today…

A backlit tree with a man walking in front of it.

Love the smell of a thousand fireplaces going on at the same time. The whole city smell of burning wood. The good kind.

Done with DayOne! Exhausting. Went pretty well, but still…

Workshop about to start. There will be a live interview for a local news channel, as if the whole thing without it wasn’t stressful enough!

Back in Time

A vintage car drives down a street in the old part of town. Christmas decorations are up.

🦉 Up at 4AM. Why?!!??

😩 Too tired to scroll

Today’s mood.

Driving on a dark road, a bridge is seen ahead, and the red light from a car in the distance.

Halfway there. Rain and fog most of the time.

Also, will reply to everyone when I have the chance. Can’t really do it while driving 😅 Sorry!

🏃 Running around like a crazy person, trying to leave on time

Yup! Another day, another Maserati. Same place as yesterday.

Detail of a Maserati.

I must be doing something wrong with my life!

Classic Hello Kitty for today.

Hello Kitty plush toy, holding a heart. The words “Tofu Cute” behind her.

🚌 Travel day has arrived!

💤 Going, going, gone.

🥨 Tying up some loose ends...

🎒 Packing for a week in the cold takes 759 times longer than doing it in the summer

🥓 When I thought it wasn’t possible to love this child any more, she says “Bacon is sooo good”!

My ‘98 car was getting very depressed every time we were entering the garage in the building.

Detail of a Maserati logo on the side of a car.

Finally figured out why!

No idea what I’ll do with it yet, but I’m trying PencilBooth.

Winter Morning Light

A car is seen driving on a tree lined street, tram tracks on the road. Winter morning light. Shot from inside a car.

Right after the barber appointment, went to lunch with a friend at the Ramen place close to our old home.

A parked bicycle, with a yellow building in the background.

Still good, I’m happy to report.

A toy white bear chilling on white tiles. Strange, but it is what it is.

🍜 Spiciest ramen ever! Felt SOOOO good!

It’s everywhere already. Getting close, it seems.

A huge red Christmas decorative ball hangs from a store entrance.

💈 It's that time again

A few dozen new quotes added to my PhotoQuotes bot. Finally!


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