⛈️ Bracing for a few days of stormy weather.

📺 I’ve been watching D.P.. It’s entertaining.

🤪 How corny can I get? Pay me enough money, and I’ll show you!

A couple holds hands.

Brilliant: 1Password extension actually WORKS on Vivaldi. Unlocks, fills in details, no delay… Like it used to do on Safari many moons ago. Some of you might still remember those days, if you’re old enough.

🕊️ French assignment photos have been sent, on to the gigantic folder of the wedding show.

❌ 🚬 One Month!

💚 The Light

A green strip of light on the ground, with trees and sky taking up most of the photo. Sunset.

A Moroccan lamp, some dots of light, and a sunset in the back.

🧮 2343 photos on one card! I don't have it in me to check the other one...

😩 Finally trying to get down, and edit some photos, but feeling too tired by now...

🥧 Chicken pie for dinner. Delicious. Bought, but as close to homemade as possible.

📚 We're probably taking tinyMovieStar to the Book Fair when we pick her up from kindergarten today! Yay!

🧠 So… Father in law just called, talking about ChatGPT. He wanted me to “make it available” on his phone, and computer, because he heard about it on the radio. He kept referring to it as a “sort of Waze”, but more like “an assistant for life”.

I can already tell next weekend will be fun!

🧱 LUMP 84

A wall where a lot of tiles are missing. The bottom is complete, but the only other tiles present spell “LUMP 84”.

Also, muting #WWDC for another day. It’s just too much… 🤣😅

The day after: includes a quick video shoot for my lovely barber, and editing the photos from both the French magazine, and the tv show jobs. Fun filled day.

👰🏻 11:30PM, back home. Long, fun, exhausting day. Most of the photos are embargoed until the show airs.

Will post later, I have a couple I think I like.

A bride walks across a field.

🌴 Five years later, I finally found someone with the same hat. These are only sold in a specific shop, in Indonesia!

A man and a woman wear identical hats. “DEUS Constant Paradise”.

💡 Let’s Go!

A reflector sits on the ground, in the middle of a field.

Boom operator, next to a tent.

🌸 After Lunch

Fruit and petals on Moroccan dish.

The table is set. A chair and a plate with a flower on it.


Lamps hanging from a tent.

🎥 Take 2.

A tv camera, with an out of focus woman in the background, her face obscured by the camera’s viewfinder.