🩸 The thinly sliced potatoes were delicious in the end…

A thumbs-up, with a bandaged thumb.

🚶🏻‍♀️ The walk to the swimming club.

A very skinny building, on a street with dramatic shade.

Graffitied wall.

Four padel players on a blue court.

A red car on a street corner.

A couple walks by a poorly kept wall. Yellow windows.

Laundry hanging outside a poorly kept building.

📷 Day 23 : a day in the life (@challenges)

A man looks at his phone, with a swimming pool in the background.

Special day in the photo challenge, and our lives. tinyMovieStar had her first swimming lesson, and I became my father a bit more. He patiently waited for us to be done, for almost two decades. Every. Single. Day.

Thrilled for my awesome daughter.


👀 Sometimes we forget to look out the window at our regular restaurant, and only think about how lucky we are when tourists seem impressed.

Two minute walk from our door, we eat here probably two/three times a week.

Two people look out the window at a restaurant, a beer and a juice on the table. Outside some cars drive by a big wall with a small “tower” (is there a word for this type of thing?)

🏊‍♂️ Heading out to tinyMovieStar’s first swimming lesson. Curious about it.

😱 03:47AM. Not cool, not cool at all…

🎧 Every time this one comes up, I can’t help but smile, and get the hair on the back on my neck standing up immediately.

It’s been well over a decade, still one of my favorites. I could listen to the entire album every day.

Portishead - Glory Box

😬 Finally Friday For Fuc…

📷 Day 22 : road (@jomalo)

A road with flowers on both sides.


🙄 Hey, Flickr, I know this is a brand new feature on iOS, but can we please have a dark mode on your awesome 1997 app? The share sheet is still blindingly white. Great app in every other sense, as you are so aware. Otherwise you’d try to improve it. Thanks.

🥰 We had the most wonderful afternoon and evening. Friends, food, fun, and family. Happy to be able to share these moments, and happy to see tinyMovieStar laughing and playing with everyone.

🛵 Red Scooter Love

Detail of a motorcycle tank, on a Honda 600R. Vintage bike.

Poster of a Nanni Moretti movie, with a man riding a red scooter.

🐴 Let’s go!

Detail of a Ferrari, the logo.

☁️ Rain has stopped for now, as so has editing. I should turn the Wi-Fi off when I plan to work.

💈 Forgot to update after yesterday’s visit to the barber, we went with the “Psycho” again…

A great looking bearded man, sporting a “Psycho” haircut.

Can’t recommend Belarmino (Instagram link) enough, if you find yourself in town.

☔ It's raining, and I have photos to edit. Could this day be any worse?

📷 Day 21 : fall (@pcora)

A waterfall.


💈 On my way to the barbershop today. Afternoon, not the usual morning visit.

A man walks down a steep street. Derelict building in the back.

A building in a steel street.

People cross a sidewalk.

A corner building, round.

A man walks on a shaded street.

Two houses, together.

A green tiled building.

⏰ Woke up way too early. Went to work, shot another doctor, and was back home by sunrise, just in time to wake the movieStars up. Perfect.

A man walks on an empty street just as the sun rises.

👀 Back from this morning’s shoot, a quick (and mostly painless) one. Going a bit outside of the city, and not the best looking venue. Anyway, it’s done.

Detail of a building, with some trees in front of it, and sunlight reflected by the windows.

Car and building reflecting light.

A garage entrance with morning light. Modern.

A red and blue pole.

A plant on a circular pot. A big pot.

A motorcycle rear-view mirror reflecting sunlight.