🏖️ It was a really fun assignment, perfect to end the season. I’ll be back to work in October, as I don’t consider the N2 music festival work. It’s more “get some photos while meeting the family”.

A beach scene featuring a wooden boardwalk flanked by sand. A woman and a child holding a bucket and shovel walk towards the camera, while a man takes a selfie in the background. The beach has canopied loungers near the water.

"KIKE", the moon, and starts.

🌡️ True to form, tinyMovieStar has some fever right before we leave. Vacation wouldn’t be vacation without a few visits to the local pharmacy.

🌞 Skylight

The image features the silhouette of a building with a glass skylight on its roof against a clear blue sky. Two overhead wires extend diagonally across the sky.

💴 Time to send €10 to the good folks at updown.io, and not worry about it for months. Excellent service.

🤬 I was under the impression my life had been unaffected by the whole CrowdStrike nonsense, but seems like the carrier that is holding my incoming G-Shock has been hit! It will probably be delivered when we’re away. It SUCKS!

🧦 Still need a pair of Famichiki-colored socks from Family Mart.

thingsThisWeek #101

A cluster of pink Limonium flowers with a small rectangular sign displaying the price as 11.00€. The flowers are densely packed and vibrant, with some purple blooms visible at the bottom.

Slowly getting back into the habit of writing these updates. It took longer than a week this time, and I wonder how long it will take going forward. We’re spending a lot of time away from the city, I’m sure things may be slowing down here, as I’m busier. Apologies in advance.

🏥 Last weekend started with a visit to the nearest hospital. movieStar had been coughing for a while, and impossible to talk her into seeing a doctor. During the night she coughed so hard that she threw her back. Thankfully, as that made it easier to take her to the hospital. It was a stressful day, surprisingly, as the blood test showed something odd. In the end we were good, but spent a few hours worrying like hell.

🦠 I also have a cough, a really nasty one. Will I ever be able to go a week without some kind of infection? More on that next time…

👰🏻 A cousin (movieStar’s side of the family) is getting married next year. She was in town this weekend, letting us know about it, and playing with tinyMovieStar just before that, and right after. She lives in LA, for over a decade now, and she’s having two wedding ceremonies: one over here, the other over there. We’d love to attend both, more so because the US version will take place in Big Sur, and that’s been on my list for many decades. Being super tall, and super blonde, of course my sweet daughter loved her. She spent most of the time ignoring us, and just hanging with her.

🐶 Mini Chori is here. Just in time for some travel time. Fingers crossed he comes back with us, safe.

📷 Unexpectedly, more work. An assignment for a French magazine. I got to spend two days at Comporta, a super hyped place in the country, that I have never been a fan of. I couldn’t quite understand the whole thing. I do now. The trick is… drum roll… having millions of euros! That is why all the F1/movie/royalty/fashion people seem to like it so much.

😢 In the city, close to home, a theater company got an eviction notice from the university where they had their operations for over a decade. It was quite sad to see them move out.

🍿 somehow I managed to get to the end of Axel F. No idea why I did that.

📺 Sunny, a couple episodes on my own, Becoming Karl Lagerfeld, the whole thing, with movieStar. Both quite odd. Sunny is a better odd, the other one felt like a caricature most of the time.

📡 For those who are outside the area covered by Multiband 6 transmitters, and are too lazy to set the time manually on their G-Shocks, this app might help.

Clock Wave

Tried it, and it worked. It would have been faster to just do it without the app, but it worked.

🥺 Also, another week has gone by, and I have a few notes on my thingsThisWeek draft. Not ready, not by a long shot.