🏎️ On our way back.

🏎️ On our way.

👀 Off to bed, early rise today for the drive to Porto.

I’ll miss Family Breakfast at kindergarten, and that is making me quite sad.

A street scene featuring pastel-colored buildings with balconies in an urban area. A Mercedes-Benz SUV is driving in the foreground. The sky is partly cloudy.

A man in a suit is standing in an elegantly designed room with wooden walls and a carpeted floor. He is talking on a mobile phone near a window covered with sheer blinds, letting in natural light.

A single chair with a gray backrest and red seat is centered against a plain off-white background with a gray carpeted floor. There is a Neewer brand studio light hanging from the top edge of the frame.

A close-up of a polished black tassel loafer on a foot wearing a dark sock and blue trousers, resting on a beige carpet.

🛣️ Tomorrow: Porto.

And back.

🚗 I cannot begin to tell you how boring it all was…

A street in an urban area with modern apartment buildings on either side. A few cars are driving on the road, including a prominent red car. There are pedestrian crosswalks, bike lanes marked with red paint, and parking spaces along the street.

👨🏻‍🌾 There’s a two-hour round table about European farming policies in my immediate future.

How’s your Monday going?

😩 This Tuesday has a very Monday-ish vibe.

A sticker on a wall with red graffiti depicts a dog inside a yellow circle, text reads "Les Chiens de la Casse, Une confrérie qui aime la vie".

👀 The Classics

A streetscape showing traditional European architecture with colorful facades, cobblestone streets, and metal bollards. There is a clear sky with some clouds, and a few people walking on the sidewalk.

Logo of Todd brand with a stylized illustration of a cheerful child wearing a chef’s hat labeled “Toddy” on a white and red background.

🚧 Sometimes the internet pipes are not working properly, and it’s such a mess! So many wheels start turning when one hits “Send”, and everything turns into crap if one of them fails.