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What am I up to?

We started watching Chef’s Table: Pizza on Netflix and, 30 minutes into the first episode, I already know we have to visit Phoenix, AZ.

πŸ“Ί πŸ•

So… I was mildly looking forward to a game, turns out it only comes out next year! 🀣🀣🀣

I guess it’s time to get back to my game-free life.

“What would you like for breakfast, tinyMovieStar?”


“What would you like for lunch, tinyMovieStar?”


“What would you like for tea, tinyMovieStar?”


You get the picture.

If there is one site I know I can’t visit, because I’ll spend a stupid amount of time before I’m able to leave, that has to be Reddit! What a time-suck!

I avoid it like the plague!

Girls at their respective offices, I’m facing another day of photo picking. Also, bright side, some receipts to issue, gotta keep that money coming in…

Good Morning

A very serious look, by a very serious boy.

a boy monk looks seriously into the camera

πŸ‡²πŸ‡² 🧐

One thing I sometimes have trouble with, is keeping my cool at meal times, when tinyMovieStar starts acting up, finding excuses for not eating.

If it wasn’t for movieStar’s endless patience, she would have starved by now, I’m sure.


Asked movieStar to name one of the countries we visited during our honeymoon (still needs updating), and this is the one she picked.

nuns in Myanmar, dressed in pink robes

Adding a few more to the bSides Myanmar page then…



The rest of the day flew by. Picking photos, lunch, pick up tinyMovieStar.

view from inside a car, a green skinny building in the middle of the city

Stop at the playground, and back home. That’s it. A normal day.

DALL-E 2 and Ronald McDonald? Sure!

Starring Ronald McDonald


While taking care of my non-paying client’s request, I came across a photo from the island we miss so much. It’s been too long without a visit.

an islet is seen in the middle of the ocean, night time


movieStar forgot to tell me she was having a home office day today, so we drove all the way to the actual office, rain and crazy traffic included. Great.


a pair of blue cowboy boots

Extended Family

Children at tinyMovieStar’s kindergarten are requested to bring a family photo, to be tapped to a wall.

a photo of a happy family. To the left, a photo of a cat and, to the right, a dog is shown

This year our little one told us she’d love if the cat and dog could also be included.


The feature has been available for a while in 1Password (I use it with my omg.lol domain on top of that), but it’s good that now it’s also available for Bitwarden.

Use Bitwarden to Generate Email Aliases with Fastmail

Miss the Convenience

looking up to a 7-Eleven sign with a dusk sky above, in blue tones

Still none of these around here. Sadly.


Danielle, Day Two

rainy street seen from the inside of a car

Managed to drop tinyMovieStar at school, then the bigger movieStar at the office, right before Danielle showed up.

rain drops on a windshield with someone out of focus on the background

30 minutes of crazy rain, and the streets looked like lakes again. Great way to handle things, city hall. Really great!

Today is the day I pick the photos for the non-paying “client”. Today is the day I pick the photos for the non-paying “client”. Today is… well, maybe there’s an episode of something left unseen.

Why are we in iOS 16, and I can’t have Maps in Light mode during the day, if the phone is set to Dark Mode? Why is that every other mapping app allows me to do this, but I have to turn Light/Dark mode on and off for this app only?


Of course the day when I have to spend the morning running errands is the day when a tropical storm hits!

raindrops on a windshield, with red light coming from the stopped car just in front of us

Traffic is a mess and, predictably for this city, we get plenty of these straight away.

a screenshot from Waze, with a flood warning

City Mess

It was messy, hot, noisy, chaotic. Loved it!

Hong Kong skyline, hundreds of tall buildings on both sides of a river

looking down from the top of a tall building, you can see a football pitch in the middle of the huge city mess


I know we’ve been asking for rain for a while, but did it have to come all at once? Thank you Tropical Storm Danielle, move along now…

Iconoir is one of the biggest open source icons libraries. No premium icons, no email sign-up, no newsletters.

Iconoir | Free Icons

Final One?

Tropical Storm Danielle is supposed to arrive today, with massive thunderstorms, heavy rain, and wind as we’ve never seen.

mom and daughter in a pool, a mountain in the back

While waiting, tinyMovieStar still had time for an unexpected dip in the pool.

Slow Down

urban landscape, lots of high rise buildings in the background, “slow” written on the pavement


Things I Love