💅🏼 Not bored, not at all…

A wall, and a sofa with pillows.

Make up kit.

🚬 These set photography days are also hard when you’re trying to quit smoking. Most people on the crew smoke. And the day goes from 1000% intensity to boring, and back up. All day long.

😜 These sets crack me up…

Detail of tables and chairs, with some wooden objects on the tables.

A heart hangs from a wall. Flowers on a cabinet.

A wooden fish.

💴 Today is a total “Gun for Hire” day. Come, shoot, edit, send, collect money. Never see the photos again.

I will not watch the show, I will not see the photos used on the dozens of shitty tv magazines.

Getting ready to leave. 7AM. Expect to be back by 11PM/midnight.

Will probably post during the day, but little time to check the timelines, sorry about that.

See you tomorrow.

🎨 The Three of Them

Street art. Three cartoony faces are graffitied under a window. The window has bars.

💨 Busy, busy, getting everything ready for tomorrow's long day of shooting...

😴 Found out how to solve my sleeping issues: hold on to tinyMovieStar the whole time! She’s the best medicine!

Screenshot of sleep monitoring app, showing 8h 8m sleep time.

😻 Just in time for Caturday!

A grey cat. Beautiful.

🛴 On my way to the venue…

Two scooters, next to the river, and a lighthouse.

A parent pushes a pram up a steep walkway.

Tourists leave a castle like tower, on the river.

Kids playing football in the train station.

🤪 Busy day today, afternoon spent working, before joining the movieStars for dinner at in-laws.

🤕 Unsurprisingly, woke up with the same headache.

App.net Archive

Rescued from the depths of the Internet.

Divers underwater, holding a line. Black and white photo.

Saw Otávio mentioning the App.net archive Manton created, and how he had a page with his posts.

I vaguely remembered this one, so thought I’d check Manton’s archive. Low and behold, I was a user for a couple of years. I must have had a crossposting routine going on, as I remember signing up, but remember little about actually using it.

In one of the posts I can be seen complaining about the lack of people I knew, so… maybe that’s a reason.

Anyway, when I asked Otávio how to go about getting a similar page up and running, he was kind enough to do it for me. Ran an app he created, and sent the resulting file over.

It is now available at maique.eu/adn/, but it’s not much to look at, I’m afraid. L

Most posts are links to Instagram posts, old ones (the posts range from Aug 2012 to Sep 2015), and the odd regular post.

Flickr photos also make an appearance, as well as some tech/app related posts. Not much has changed, or so it seems.

At the time I was using a link shortener, one that played on the name of the blog I kept, but that URL is long gone, and so are the links.

I do now know that March 17th, 2013 was probably the scariest night of my life, when I posted

saturday night is not saturday night until you have a shotgun pointed at you, and here comes that pumping sound, just like in the movies.

I vividly remember this, and now I can tell exactly when that happened.

Thank you for that too, Otávio and Manton!

😶 4AM this time around. Not even using the time to reply to people, normal folks are sleeping!

💊 Waiting for a headache-free day.

⭐️ The gentleman showed up after I posted the other photos, but I believe he adds something to the composition. So I’m sharing this one as well.

A man looks out into a sea of rooftops, and the river beyond that. He’s standing on a balcony, and we’re looking at him from inside the building, through a round window.

🤒 Feeling a little feverish, again. Maybe it's karma, la revanche française...

One funny thing that never fails with French people: talk to them all afternoon in English, quietly having fun at their expense. They were (very) late, right? Then, after they spent hours struggling, when you’re about to leave, say your goodbyes in perfect French.

⏳ Still Waiting…

Looking out the window, into the river on the background. Rooftops visible.

Newspapers hanging from a wall.

🥐 Late French, as in “you made me miss the second assignment of the day” late…