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movieStar’s great-grandfather’s old automobile, parked for good.

An old car sits, abandoned, surrounded by overgrown grass. On the back, a wall topped with cacti.

Sitting behind a warehouse, she found it this weekend.

There’s a post coming, and it will be a long one. But I’ll leave that for another day. For now, a photo.

A couple of musicians playing outside. In the background an older lady walks by.

It’s now past 1:30AM, and we’re finally home, and in bed. Music still blasting outside, should stop by 4AM.

Epic day.

If she makes it that late without falling asleep, tinyMovieStar will attend her first concert today. Not pushing it, of course, but this one would be perfect as her first go at live music performances.


Sitting at home, avoiding work for as long as I can manage, the prompt comes up on my calendar (thanks @Burk): Silhouette. A postcard version of it comes to mind.

We're at a beach somewhere, a man comes out of the water with the sun setting behind him. In the distance we can see a lighthouse.

Hope you have a great weekend.

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Handy service by Micah Lee. If you’re a fascist, or fascist supporter, the service is not available to you.



Terminal window with Lynx browser running, showing the text version of this blog. The image descriptions are working, showing in yellow.

I wondered how the blog would look like in a text browser now that Alt Text is being implemented, so I went ahead and installed Lynx. It works great, and the image descriptions show up in yellow. Nice.

Managed to edit the entire assignment I had left. I guess I can call today a success already, and we didn’t even have lunch yet!


Although I’m not taking part of this year’s May Photoblogging Challenge, I had to give it a go today.

The Richat Structure, AKA Eye of Africa.

Photo taken from an airplane, shows a circular pattern in the middle of the desert.

And a mountain range in Iran.

Another photo taken from an airplane, this one shows snow covered landscape, with some mountains.

It’s a beautiful planet, and the only one we have. We should take better care of it.

What Now??

Is everything alright, @HemisphericViews? 😂

A notification for the latest episode of Hemispheric Views, with gibberish text.

5 days of shooting set photography coming up next week. Mixed feelings, as usual. Money will be ok, but I’ll miss seeing the girls the whole day. Should leave before they’re up, and probably be back after bed time.

Lunch Time

Met two of my oldest (and dearest) friends at the paper, and we walked to the restaurant.

A grandiose building stands behind a very colorful tile wall, overlooking a road, with no cars going by.

Still time to meet another one by chance, while waiting outside the building.

A hand rests on the seat of a bicycle. On the arm you can see a tattoo depicting two kids, and a lighthouse.

The restaurant was nothing to rave about: slow, very VERY hot inside, and pretty basic food.

Lunch date in a little while. Can’t seem to stay home and, you guessed it, there’s an assignment waiting for the editing part. I wonder if these two things are related? 🤔


We went to a different supermarket yesterday, and tinyMovieStar quickly found her way to the usual spot on the cart.

Toddler rides in a supermarket cart filled with grocery items.

Before that she tried the moving walkway for the first time, and it definitely wasn’t love at first sight!

A toddler and her mom ride a moving walkway. The mom is on her knee, the little one seems a little distressed by the experience.

Alt Text

From this day forward I’ll make an effort to always add Alt Text to the photos on my posts.

Jean was kind enough to share @sod’s presentation on Micro Camp and, after watching it, there was no other way to go about it.

Ulysses even makes it super simple, I just have to add a caption to the photos, and those will render as Alt Text when it’s published. Easy.

The video is informative, and funny. Killer combination. Check it out: Accessible Microblogging: A Crash Course


Hand holding a can of Sapporo beer. Yummy.

Will this work, @sod? Using Ulysses as usual, it would be brilliant if it did…

There, and Back

Left early in the morning, with my parents, drove four hours north, attended a funeral, went to Spain for gas, had lunch with family, drove four hours south.

That’s about it. A day went by.

Here we go. See you later.

Up since 4AM. Getting ready for the drive up north.

Long drive, and pretty cold up there. It’s not going to be nice, but we’ve had plenty of nice days lately, so there’s that.

A little sad that I won’t be taking part of this May’s Micro.blog photo challenge, but I knew from the start I wouldn’t be able to keep up…

Will happily follow along as my fellow microbloggers post their wonderful photos 🙂

Sunday, Back Home

After the wedding extravaganza, we made it back home today.

photo shows a traffic sign with multiple bullet holes on it.

Not before working this morning and afternoon. A visit to a winery so, at least, a painless one.

Tomorrow I’m driving my parents to a funeral, WAY up in the north, and too early in the morning.

Party Animal

What. A. Day!

tinyMovieStar surprised us all, and danced like a crazy person until well past one. 1AM!

With her own bodyguard detail!

First wedding for her: 10/10!

Petal duty, and a drive to the winery to pick up a few bottles. That’s it for the wedding day morning.

WeddingDay (sold)

an abandoned store front with the word sold written on the window with spray paint.

Wedding day tomorrow and, as usual, I’m not looking forward to it. Happy those two are finally doing it, but I’m not a fan of the actual wedding parties. On top of that it’s the first one with tinyMovieStar, so we’re on duty the whole time, and no drinking whatsoever.

Khaki Field Mechanical

a close up of a watch, a hamilton khaki field mechanichal

New watch day is always an exciting day.

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