A white cup with a black line drawing of two naked figures holding hands, both wearing striped socks. The cup is placed on a countertop with a blurred coffee machine and a bottle in the background.

We’re now rushing, time seems to be going faster. We’re going to Menorca in under a month. Then it’s off to Chaves. A couple of weeks later, we’ll be on the island. Whenever I think about it, I feel like I can’t plan anything before November. The year is coming to an end, and we have just barely made it to the half-way point.

πŸŽ‰ Party on Saturday. One of movieStar’s friends. It was cold, windy, so it turned into a short stay. Enough time for some photos, but that was it. We were missing a few layers in our outfits, it was really hard to handle it.

🍿 Movies (The Garfield Movie), and pizza lunch (no lasagna available, sorry), on Sunday. We walked up the hill, had a meal, bought a new pair of Converse sneakers for the little one (and Birkies for mom), watched a movie, had ice-cream, and came back home. Just what we needed.

I got a new pair of sneakers myself, the following day. I now own a pair of Nike Dunk Low, the “Since 72 Pacific Moss” edition.

πŸ₯‹ Judo, and ballet, is ending next week, it’s summer break time. With that, we won’t have pickups for a while. I love the way back home, a bit later than when we just pick her up from school. tinyMovieStar enjoys being out and about late in the afternoon, when the shops have all the lights on, and there are lots of people out, walking in the street. Most likely we end up at our usual place for dinner…

I really like pickup days.

πŸ’ˆ This week also had time for a haircut. I should have gone a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t make it. Done now, ready for another month, I guess. As usual, some photos on the way there. Already scheduled the next one, no way I’ll get stuck with long hair in Menorca and Chaves.

πŸ“‘ Paperwork. Invoices. That stuff I truly hate. Had to do it. It’s done.

🎨 Got anotho’s Lightroom presets. Why? I don’t know. Felt like a good impulse purchase.

🧩 I’ve been visiting Puzzmo on a daily basis, or close to that. Love the puzzles. Fan of Gage’s work for a while. The newsletter is always good too.

⚽️ The Euro madness (only time I watch football) is upon us. First time tinyMovieStar sits through a whole game with us. We don’t really care about the result, we’re not fans. We do watch the matches when the national team is playing, if we can. And, judging by the enthusiasm the little one displays, I suppose we will not be able to skip them.

🍿 Cars, Cars 2. On top of the already mentioned The Garfield Movie.

πŸ“Ί Tires. Finished it. Not sure why.

🐼 Bear. I caved in. I wanted to play around with it, and needed the upgrade to do it. Found a way to get a discount code (not entirely legit, truth be told), and I’m now enjoying a year of premium Bear. Started a black and white photography blog, mostly as a way to try the whole Bear thing. Doesn’t even have a custom domain yet, and I’m still trying to work out themes and stuff. Tweaking is fun.