😎 Summer in the City.

And then it rained for most of the afternoon.

A man and a woman stand at a scenic viewpoint overlooking a city, separated by a vintage-style lamppost with decals. The man wears a hat, sunglasses, a white shirt, black shorts, and a backpack, while the woman wears a hat, and a dress.

A vintage yellow tram captured through surrounding green foliage. The tram is moving along a cobblestone street, with a person visible inside.

A man in a light blue shirt sits alone at a wooden picnic table under a pergola adorned with green vines and red ribbons. His black backpack is on the ground next to him, and he appears to be holding a pineapple.

Two women in black dresses walk arm-in-arm along a cobblestone street lined with buildings. They are carrying woven bags and wearing sunglasses. The street is bordered by green poles and has tram tracks running through it.