A woman and a young child walking hand in hand down a sunny city sidewalk, with the woman carrying a tote bag and the child wearing a red coat.

Still had a busy couple of days, and now back to doing almost nothing, work wise. This is what normal feels like. Sleeping a lot.

  • πŸ‘ΈπŸ» Best part of the week is that I’m finally back to our routine. I’m home when tinyMovieStar wakes up, I can prepare breakfast for her, play a little while she eats it, take her to kindergarten, and back home when she’s done for the day. We stop at the park, maybe have an ice-cream after that, and chat all the way over. Love these days.

  • ✊🏼 Journalists had their first general strike in over 40 years, in this country. It was impressive. The rally was, in all fairness, and despite everything, very very fun. Meeting SO many people, drinking so much beer. A joint might have been smoked as well. First one in a LOOOOONG time. There is a lot to change in the media landscape here, and times are hard for a huge percentage of people working in media. As elsewhere.

  • πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ It was also Marathon weekend. That means waking up early, and shooting a few events for one of the sponsors. Good fun. tinyMovieStar’s godmother, our dear friend, came over from London for the run, and we got to meet her again. Always happy when that happens.

  • πŸ’Έ I should make payments, small ones, every month, to our Social Security. I don’t. Every couple of years I get an email letting me know I’m in debt. This was that week. A portion of my savings was transferred to them. Done.

  • 🌐 sticker spotter moved. Yes, again. Still dealing with what’s broken. It will be a while before everything is settled. It is now hosted at the lovely Scribbles platform.

  • 😊 I gave an interview to foofaraw.press. It’s on their Consumption Gumption section. I have forgotten a few things while replying, but I suppose that will always be the case. Hope you enjoy it.

  • πŸ“Ί Shōgun. Tokyo Vice. The Gentlemen. All great shows, we are truly spoiled these days.

  • πŸ₯˜ Giving FastMinder a go, for the intermittent fasting thing. The old app (Simple) was just too bloated for my needs. The free tier was fine for me, but it keeps nagging me to upgrade. A bit too aggressively, and too often. Let’s see how this handles things, in the end I just require little more than a timer.

  • πŸ‘» Started working on the next post for Boo! We’re going to Malaysia, when it’s finally done. Have a couple of photos that might do, and a story to go with it.

  • 🧧 One a Month Club update: three people are now supporters of my shenanigans, and I really appreciate it. Please visit the site, browse through the members' sites, and pick one to support. If you can, of course. All of them are great.