If my escapades into Linux land are to last more than 10 minutes, I must be able to do, at least, some of the things that I can do on macOS. Photo editing is out, of course, as there’s no way to run Lightroom over on Linux. Darktable exists, yes, but I’m not even having this conversation.

For other things, I can get almost everything accomplished, one way or another. The browser is my big friend here. Web apps are something I hate on iOS, and even macOS, but they make life a little easier.

For these Linux days, i actually prefer to have a decent web app. One I can open in a browser, regardless of location, system agnostic, and just keep on working. Log in, and do whatever needs to be done.

Mine is a niche case (the guy with too much free time on his hands from time to time demographic), but there are a lot of people who are forced to use multiple OS, for work, or leisure. Maybe you are a Mac person at heart, but your boss does not understand the need for such a lovely OS at work; or maybe you’re a Linux die hard, and the fancy design studio where you spend your days insists on using macOS only. I could go on…

So, here we go. Launch Brave, with Proton Pass extension (1Password/Bitwarden would work, but don’t want to go through the hassle), and I’m ready to rock.

  • Micro.blog.

  • The whole omg.lol suite. Same on iOS/macOS. Waiting for Otávio’s app to change that.

  • Social.lol. It’s painful, but it works. Mastodon’s web view kinda sucks. No Ivory, no Mona, not as fun. I know Elk is a thing, but I can’t get used to it.

  • Bluesky works just fine on the browser, but I don’t even have to check it that often, so…

  • Instagram does most of the things on the web view as well.

  • Fastmail. Use their web view everywhere. Their “app” is on my dock on iOS, and I have no email client on macOS. Gave up on all of them by now.

  • Feedbin. If I’m on the laptop, I’ll skip Reeder, and just use this as well. On iOS it’s Reeder and Fiery Feeds.

  • Omnivore, complete with extension. I use the same exact one on macOS, and the app on iOS.

  • Telegram (and even WhatsApp) are also available on the web, and that settles my chatting needs. Those are the two I use all day anyway. I could easily install Signal on Linux, but there’s really no point, weeks go by without using it.

So far I can get to most of my social needs (Threads is app-only), I can get my mail, I can read my feeds and save stuff for later. I’m also able to keep talking to my family & friends.

There is no Tot here, but I remembered my Standard Notes account. Free tier, enough to jot down anything I need, and have it show up on iOS/macOS. Does the job. Web version works fine, no need for apps.

What about files? How do I transfer those? I’ll either drop them on Telegram, and send them to myself, or use Proton Drive. Both do the job.

What am i missing? Threads, Drafts(!), Things.

Threads is new, but can already tell a web view will soon be indispensable.

Drafts web would make me sooooo happy! Capture is good, but…

Things is also left behind. I must pick up the phone for that. But, if I had things to do, I wouldn’t be fooling around with Linux, would I?

Anything else?