Robb has a new post about his Subscriptions. We’ve been here before, of course, and it’s nice to compare both years. What changed? How am I doing?

TL;DR: Very badly.


1Password (€35.06/year) - Still enjoying my reduced rate years, but looking for alternatives. Hard to find something that I love.

Proton Pass (€12/year) ? - 1Password alternative, jumped on the launch offer. It was too good to pass. Ha.

Drafts (€20.49/year) - Paying, will keep on paying. Forever. Use it every day, multiple times a day.

Ivory (Going) - It’s gone when the subscription runs out. Using Mona, and Ice Cubes. I still think Ivory is beautiful, but I have to cut down somewhere, and this was one of those apps that got the ax.

Mercury (€11.99/year) - I let my Carrot subscription expire and, for the time being, I’m very happy with this one. I’ve raved about the travel feature before, but it’s a very competent app in other ways as well.

Overcast (€9.99/year) - I still have to give Apple Podcast a try, but this one fits my workflow pretty good, and it’s cheap enough to get renewed without serious consideration.

Waterllama (€7.99/year) - Not using it as much as at the start of the sub, wondering if I’ll get back to it, or might go away. I don’t drink more water because of it, and my water consumption levels are good enough anyway. Just a way to gamify it.

Parcel (€3.49/year) - Cheap, works great, staying.

Fiery Feeds (€9.99/year) - If this one was more expensive, I’d drop it. I love a couple of features, but could easily live with good old Reeder.

Fantastical (Free) Gone back to grandfathered, get a lot more than basic, and enough for my simple needs.

VSCO (€21.99/year) Dropping it. It’s good, but I’m not using the social part of it, and I have their filters on LR anyway. Was very excited a year ago, but that died down.

Gentler Streak (€24.99/year) Going. It’s cool, looks great, but not worth this money for my use.

Grocery (€11.49/year) beta. Not that expensive, and I do love a couple of features (autocomplete previous items, Watch app, …)

Halide (€10.99/year) - Use it only a couple of times a year by now… Will not renew. Might again, in the future, if I ever find I might use it again.

Obscura - Beta. Cool app, but afraid I would not pay if not in beta. I don’t even remember I have it installed that often.

Dropshare (€9.99/year) - I’ll see how much I use this. Cost for lifetime is not that expensive, if I find myself using it often.

Services ($45.68/year) - Have to. Blog, and community.

Shoutouts (€18.27/year) - Mr Vincent makes cool stuff. I want cool stuff.

Tinylytics (€45.68/year) - See previous entry.

HEY (€121.77/year) - Silly, but yes. The one silly thing this year. Enjoying it.

Fastmail (€37.41/year) - Love them. Still using them, of course, since all but the domain email goes through them.

Apple (€120/year) - Have to. 2TB iCloud. That’s it. Please take care of my photos.

Adobe (€119/year) - Have to. I edit with Lightroom every single day, and my photography site (very outdated) is hosted with them as part of the package.

NextDNS (€19.90/year) - Must. Easy purchase. Could almost get away with the free plan.

IVPN (€60/year) - Moved from Mullvad on a whim, and super happy with it. I was also happy with Mullvad, by the way. Could renew when I really use it (abroad, away, travelling), but cheaper to get yearly plan and forget about it.

Ghost (€120.6/year) - Have to. It’s where dinkiwinkiminkiwinki lives. Not cheap.

Flickr (€71.99/year) - Would love to find cheaper alternative. Still use it quite often, but often feel like my photos are hostages there. Not an easy way to move them elsewhere.

Porkbun (€120.0/year) - Domains come, domains go. This is what I’m probably paying a year. Some are more expensive, others less.

Feedbin (€45.68/year) - Feeds are managed by it. It does a great job. (€36.54/year)- I have 4 addresses there. One, the main one, is a lifetime address, so I’m looking at $20/year per each of the other ones. I could cut them, but I really want to keep two of them.


Netflix + Disney+ + Amazon Prime + HBO (€145/year) - We have them all, sharing with family. I believe this is what it cost last year. Let’s see this time around, should be more. We’ll probably have a family meeting and decide which ones we keep.

Apple TV+ - Not paying, as it’s part of family plan, but family member does not accept my part of this.

Spotify (€45/year) - Two users of a family plan.

The Math

Total: €1Β 362,97/year (€113,58/month).

€57,97 of those will be dropped, so I’ll be down to €108,75 a month.
I need to cut a LOT more.

I have probably forgotten a couple of them.
USD amounts have been converted to EUR.