Another classic post for the New Year.

What am I paying for on a regular basis? What subscriptions do I have going? I bet I’ll be scared when I get to the end of this one, and I’m sure I’ll forget about some services too.

Also, I HATE subscriptions!

In no particular order:

Adobe Cloud Photography Plan - can’t really work without it. Also hosting my photography site.

Netflix - Must have, we’re on a family plan, it helps to keep the cost down. A little.

Apple TV+ - On and off, according to our needs to watch something on it.

Spotify - Family plan, need it.

iCloud 2TB plan - Enough room for all the photos comes with a hefty price tag.

Fastmail - No way I’m ever leaving this one. Hosts all the domains I have. - Was kindly upgraded to a lifetime account, so I keep a secondary one as a way to support the service. - Another one I can’t see myself living without.

Drafts - Love, and need.

Ulysses - New subscription. Liking it.

1Password - Moved to a subscription, although I could go on living without one for a while longer. Family plan.

Halide - Camera app when I need something the camera app can’t deliver.

Updown - Cheap uptime monitor, could live without it.

Plausible - Will probably cancel, found free alternative that I enjoy.

Raindrop - Will probably move back to the very generous free tier.

PocketCasts - It’s either this, or Castro. Both have subscription model, so there’s no way around it.

1Blocker - Forget it exists, great job.

Mullvad - My VPN service. Like it.

Carrot - Could live without, but it wouldn’t be as much fun.

Mailbrew - Will let subscription lapse when it ends. Lovely service, but not using it enough to justify the cost.

Flickr - Have to keep paying. Archive.

Apollo - Support the service, doesn’t get much use.

Letterboxd - Subscription was discounted, enjoying it.

Blot - Home of sticker spotter, good for a year. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Ghost - Home of dinkiwinkiminkiwinki. Have to.

Glass - Subscribed on a whim, will not renew.

Smash - On and off, according to need to transfer photos.

NextDNS - Love. Cheap. Will keep paying.

Porkbun - Home of domains. A few at the moment. Too many.

I was right, I’m a little scared! Something will have to change.