People enjoying the beach with their dogs.

  • 🀑 Carnival weekend started with dinner on Friday, with friends coming over, and their daughters. All dressed as princesses. All girls, all daughters of girls who were movieStar’s friends when she was tinyMovieStar’s age. It’s priceless. They all lived at the same village outside Lisbon, and now all living at walking distance in the city. I was not told about dinner up until the very last moment, so cooking was a challenge. We had fun, beer, and a lot of talking. Pretty good.

  • 🍿 Tangled Ever After. Wish this one was MUCH longer. So fun, we had to watch it three times in a row. The Flying Sailor. Meh.

  • πŸ“Ί A few more episodes of the same series as last week: Collateral finished, Cunk on Earth when I remember it. Undercover is still playing, but almost forgotten. Jack Ryan, Season 3 is nearly finished as well. This is the one that kept us busy this week.

  • πŸ’Έ Also the week when our decision had to be made regarding Netflix. We moved to another account, a family one, with extra users added. Just like Netflix wanted. We knew we couldn’t survive without it, but others in the family left. We’re also consolidating our Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime accounts. The only service left out is Apple’s streaming platform, as we all think it’s not needed on a permanent basis, and will just turn the subscription on and off individually, if we have something to watch over there.

  • 🦣 Made a couple of themes for Mona, the Mastodon client I’m spending my time with. It’s fun, so why not? It keeps the app looking fresh, and someone else might enjoy them. Also available at GitHub, if that’s your thing.

  • πŸ€’ Chickenpox! Yes. It all started when we went to the most depressing Carnival party in town, and tinyMovieStar just couldn’t get her spirits up. Some of her friends were there and, still, her mood was not great. Not even an ice-cream helped, and god knows that always works! We then went to the beach, and saw the first red spot. A few more later. We were expecting it, as her best friend in kindergarten came down with it a couple of weeks ago. So far it’s not dramatic, she’s strong. Complaining a little about the itching, but she’s good.

  • 🌳 Our weekend started earlier, on Wednesday, when we moved out of the city. Extra help is something we appreciate, especially when movieStar has to work, and the little one can’t go to kindergarten. So we moved to our usual place: the in-laws. Plenty of space, tons of extra toys, and two sets of hands on top of that.

Today, and tomorrow, I don’t expect things to change a lot, and nothing worth reporting will probably happen, so this one is posted a day earlier.