three themes on a combo

Mona is a great Mastodon client.

Full featured, with endless tweaking possibilities. One of the coolest features, as far as I’m concerned, is the theme section. You can easily create new themes, or import ones made by someone else. It’s a ton of fun.

So, I went ahead and made a few.

Note: none of the themes follow the original theme’s guidelines. I just threw the colors where I thought they looked good.


maiqueNokai combo

Based on Monokai, with a sprinkle of Dracula, this was the first one on my list. I wanted to have a go at theme making, and this is want I wanted for a theme.

maiqueNokai QR


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vlad combo

Inspired by Dracula, again, here’s Vlad.

vlad QR


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macchiato combo

Based on the Macchiato flavor of Catppuccin, this one quickly became my favorite, and it’s now what I’m using most of the time.

macchiato QR


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gruvbox combo

Gruvbox is a cool retro theme, and I love cool retro themes. Hence, this one was a natural port.

gruvbox QR


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amber combo

Amber is the second retro theme on the collection, an homage to the old CRT monitors. Probably too niche, this is the theme no one asked for.

Amber QR


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akihabara combo

While looking for the next theme to port, I came across one called Tokyo Night. Being a fan of Japan, and Tokyo, how could I miss this one? And, even better, it’s a great looking one.

akihabara QR


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wineCountry combo

Based on the lovely Rosé Pine color scheme.

wineCountry QR


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galao combo

My first (and not a lot of those will follow) light theme, is based on the Latte variation of Catppuccin. I’m calling it galão, the Portuguese version of a latte. Someone asked for it, so I decided to give it a go. Not entirely sure this is a good one.

galao QR


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How to Install

You can read the QR Codes if you’re reading this on your computer, or save them to your Camera Roll and let iOS do the rest, if you’re on your phone.

Another way to do it is copying the mona-cat link you’ll find on the theme’s description, and paste that into Safari. It should prompt you to open Mona, and the theme will be installed.


A lot more great themes by other authors can be found on this thread on Mastodon. I’m sure you’ll find something that you like, plenty of cool ones over there.

Or, maybe you do one, and share it with the rest of us? That would be awesome!

If you want to leave a comment, feel free to get in touch here, or on Mastodon. You can reach me at

I run on coffee!

The themes are, of course, free, yours to use, tweak, share. But, if you’re feeling generous, there’s a BuyMeACoffee account where you can contribute to my gigantic coffee tab. Thanks.