A coffee truck, with a small potted palm by the side.

  • ☀️ Weekend programe was accomplished. We got to relive, yet again, the weeks in Príncipe, as my parents needed to hear the stories from us. Well, mainly from tinyMovieStar. Back at the in-laws, the stories were told another time, some had missed last week’s party.

  • 📺 Fauda, season 4, is finished. It ended with a bang! Now we need season 5. Next week, please. Also Treason. Liked it. Started Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street, and Undercover. Not sure if we’ll make it to the end of either of these. Next on the list was That ’90s Show. Feels nice to get back to this one. Not this this, but you get it. I also had time for one of my go-to YouTube channels, Paolo fromTokyo, Behind the Counter at a local Japanese Poisonous Puffer Fish Fugu Restaurant, and Day in the Life of a Japanese Game Designer. I still find these glimpses of daily life in Japan very cool, and a great way to take a look at so many different jobs in the country. Also time for some Late Night with Seth Meyer, and Matt’s own A Better Computer, some episodes that were left behind.

  • 🍿 On the movie front, it was up to Tangled, and Bao. That kept us entertained.

  • 📚Still reading Don’s book, but I have to confess it felt much nicer when he was there with us. The stories are amazing, but it was more rewarding when I could talk to him right after reading them. Once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • 🏖️ We decided to skip the Algarve for our usual August break, as it’s just too chaotic to handle with the toddler, even if we had a pretty good situation down there. We are looking for other options, but things are already heavily booked by now. It’s February, and we’ll have to figure out something quickly, or risk having a lot of trouble finding a decent place to spend a week

  • 🎨 Finally decided to check MidJourney out, and it’s crazy! Still unable to figure out how to get the results I keep seeing online, but my mind is blown already!

  • 🥩 Lunch with friends, something I don’t think I do often enough. On Tuesday we had scheduled one such event, postponed from Monday. It was then moved to Wednesday, and again to Thursday. That was, impressively, impossible to do as well. It didn’t happen, as one of them was stuck with work the whole time. Bummer. This is one of the things I loved when I was working at the office. Every day we’d have lunch together, instead of the once a month routine we have now, if it happens at all. Really miss it.

  • 💈Time for another barber visit, and boy, was I in need of one. Hair (and nails!) seem to grow much faster on warmer climates.

  • 🎙️ Added a new podcast to the list and, right on episode 1, I was hooked. The Sound: Mystery of Havana Syndrome.