thingsThisWeek #89

    Graffiti of a simple winking smiley face on a white wall beneath a window with security bars.

    One more week of on the road. This update was very rushed.

    • 🐔 We are back, thankfully, to the markets! These first couple of weeks on the campaign trail aren’t, officially, campaign. So a few things are banned. Candidates have to figure out what they can do, while staying on the right side of the law. The kind of things the candidates do are, for that reason, not the part I love: with people attending, visiting markets, having meals with dozens of people. More toned down events, visits to factories, firemen, endless meetings. Those days are, finally, mostly gone!! Once in a while it turns out to be very cool, but mostly they are not. This week was better for photos.

    • 🇸🇹 movieStar is gone, to the islands. tinyMovieStar is gone too. This was a very dark cloud, looming over the whole week, worst now that it’s here.

    • 🚗 Car broke down. No time to figure out what’s wrong with it, just dumped it, got another one, and keep on driving. Will take care of it when this job is done.

    • ☂️ New Boo! post. This time about a visit to Macau. Hope you like this one.

    • 🦠 Virus still here. Still coughing. Nose still stuffy.

    • 📺 Tokyo Vice. One episode. That was it, that how much TV I managed to watch this week.

    • 🌐 Kagi’s Small Web is fun.

    • ⭐️ Manton announced the new pricing plans on M.b, and I just upgraded. No idea what I’ll use the extra blogs for, or bookmarks, or notes for that matter, but it felt like the right thing to do. It’s not a perfect service, but it’s not too far either. It’s a great deal.

    thingsThisWeek #85

    Graffiti of a red and black letter A on a textured wall.

    New online project started. Not a lot else to rave about. Short edition, I’m afraid.

    • 🛼 Of course my bedridden day had to go off course, and it happened because one of tinyMovieStar’s friends goes to roller skate classes. Obviously she wanted to try that as well! It’s, as usual, not far from home, but the heavy rain made it impossible to walk there. I drove the girls, with pleasure. She tried it, and loved it. Maybe we’ll have to add this to the ballet and swimming activities. Soon we’ll have one of these every day of the week!

    • 🇸🇹 movieStar has a trip to the islands scheduled for the end of February. We’re staying behind this time. She used to do it a lot when we first met, she’d go every couple of months, and we’re all glad she does not have to travel so often at this point in time. The little one will miss her dearly, as will I, she has never spent so long away from mom. It’s going to be interesting.

    • 🎉 Saturday plans were back on track, and we had another birthday party to attend. Two cousins, sisters, celebrated their 76 and 78 birthdays together. It was huge. We arrived shortly after lunch, and went on until well past dinner time.

    • 🐌 The week slowly moved forward. I quite enjoy this routine, but like to have work days sprinkled throughout the week. January is, I’ve said it before, usually a slow month. But not this slow!

    • 📷 Work! Finally! Two days, but it’s better than none! Nice trip too. Spending time away from the girls is no fun, though, and neither is seeing tinyMovieStar crying on the video call we did when she was going to sleep.

    • 📺 Criminal Record. YouTube (Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, hours long LoFi videos)

    • 📓 Boo! launched. Really happy with how it’s turning out, Ghost really is awesome for this format, and there are three posts already up: Walking Meditation, The River Girl, and The Popcorn Stand. Hope you like them, and feel free to suggest photos you’d like to know about.

    • ✏️ is also getting some love. Impossible not to do it, when Vincent keeps adding to this wonderful service.

    🇸🇹 Limited Edition 2023

    A boy stands in the middle of the road, wearing a skull mask.

    Every year there’s a photo exhibition in town, organized by the good people at CC11. Dozens of photographers are invited to pick one photo. As usual, whenever I’m asked, I’ll immediately go to Principe. This year I did the same. Picked a classic.

    🇸🇹 Turns out VSCO is still fun too…

    A woman carries a jackfruit on her head, and holds another one on her arms

    #photography #saoTomeEPrincipe #vsco

    🇸🇹 Looking Back

    A fisherman look at us while paddling his boat.

    #photography #fishing

    🇸🇹 And I guess that’s it.
    Farewell to the bSides for now… Time to move on.

    A hand is seen hanging over water, as a boat sails in the ocean


    🇸🇹 Going through the camera roll, trying to find whatever bSides might still be left in there…

    A heart with eyes and a mouth is etched on a wall.

    #photography #loveProject

    🇸🇹 Printed corrugated metal, the new thing in town. Cheaper than wood, but sooooo ugly. Also, a photographer’s shop.

    A small house made of printed corrugated metal, a photographer’s shop.

    #photography #architecture

    🇸🇹 No fancy restaurant for us today!

    A restaurant made of bamboo, with a huge ceiling, and gigantic wicker lamps.

    #photography #restaurant #architecture

    🇸🇹 Living in the forest.

    Looking out into the rainforest, we can see a table with some books, candles, and the word “Sundy” made with wooden letters.

    #photography #hotel

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