As it happens when tinyMovieStar is back in the kindergarten after a couple of weeks away, the teacher keeps her ears open, and writes down her report, the things the little one talks about.

A handwritten note stuck to a wall.

Here’s the visit to the islands, as seen through tinyMovieStar’s eyes.

I went to Príncipe with mom and dad. I stayed a long while in Príncipe. I went to the beach with dad, and we jumped in the water. The water was very warm! I saw a lot of things, I ate a lot of things.

So far, so good. All true.

One man who was very tall gave me strawberry ice-cream, it was very hot!

She did get strawberry ice-cream, in two places. Once we bought it at the supermarket, and most times at the restaurant, soft serve. Multiple flavors, and Edi is not a particularly tall boy. I guess we all look tall to her, so maybe she’s talking about Edi.

I ate pineapple, it was very sweet, and ate milk ice-cream.

True. She did not want to try the pineapple but after she saw me eating it, with pleasure, she tried it. And loved it.

I took photos at the parks, and they had many things, even slides and swings. They had other swings that were big.

This part I have no idea where it comes from. She did take photos, everywhere, but we never went to a park, never saw a swing, or slide.

I played with children in Príncipe. Playing like putting bands on my hair. The girls were very sweet. They were in Príncipe, in São Tomé.

She did. She did that a lot. She met dozens of children, always memorized her names, and played with bicycles, make-up, painted, built, destroyed,… I’d say she had a lot of fun.

I slept at the hotel. Just sleep. When I woke up I went to the swimming pool with dad and mom. At the pool I’d throw water to the other places. It was big. I would push my dad, he would go into the water, and he would show up again.

Also very much true. We played in the sea, for hours, and also at the various hotel pools. This particular game was on our last day, I went in and out of the water dozens of times, while she kept pushing me, and going “Again”! It was FUN.

In Príncipe there was Cerelac, it’s porridge.

Also correct. When we’re back home we’re usually part of Team Nestum, but that was not available over there, so we had to betray our beloved brand, and move to the competing team, Cerelac. She liked it as well.