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thingsThisWeek #23

  • 📷 New iPhone mostly means new camera, and I tried to take advantage of the new one this week. As I haven’t been out of the house for long periods of time, it hasn’t been easy. But I can already tell it’s a huge improvement over the X’s camera. Enjoying it.
  • 🍿 Done with Inventing Anna. Also done with season 2 of Space Force, and watching The Serpent. Not incredible, but any series set in Bangkok will, at least, get me to watch a couple of episodes. No movies this week.
  • 🧂 We drove out to the salt pans close to my in-laws on Sunday morning. It was a cool way to spend a couple of hours, and got to visit a place I’d never been too. The whole weekend was really nice, even though tinyMovieStar gets so excited to be at her grandparents she always ends up sleeping WAY too late.
  • 📰 My renewed press card was finally issued, and I went to pick it up. I could have it delivered, but it’s only a ten minute walk from home to pick it up (everything is a ten minute walk from home!), so I just walked there. Feels kinda strange to have one of these again. After decades identifying myself as a journalist, I was now a photographer. It’s odd to have that registered as my occupation again.
  • 😭 The infamous Terrible Twos. On 22-2-22, turning 22 months old, the little one decided it was time for a personality change, and went from sweetest baby in the world to crazy screaming monster.
  • 🎂Brother-in-law had a birthday, we drove out to Cascais for the party. On the way we stopped at the horse riding school, and picked up another friend’s daughter. It was so much fun, watching tinyMovieStar looking at the horses, and playing with her. She’s a great kid, and knows how to handle toddler with a crazy expertise. They get along beautifully. She joined us for dinner at a cousin’s place, and the whole family had a great time. tinyMovieStar loves staying up late, that’s a fact, and she did it again. And in a school night, no less! The whole thing took a few hours, and I was feeling exhausted by the end.
  • 😥 Had another assignment for the paper, and it was a rough one. Both mentally and photographically. A hard situation to shoot, the location was not easy, and couldn’t get as many, and as good, photos as I wished. Worst was the story, a heartbreaking tale of children separated from their parents. A throwback to earlier years, when I was feeling burned out with all the depressing things we cover on the news. That, and the Ukraine war, have made this another hard week. movieStar is having a hard time dealing with the war news as well.
  • 🦠Still trying to understand what’s going on with my body, if this really is a case of long covid, or some other thing. Talked to a couple of friends who also feel far from recovered, even though the infection happened a while back. The energy levels are still very low, and everything feels like a sacrifice. Really hope this changes quickly.

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