After a night of little sleep, we decided we wouldn’t stay home, and drove to the salt pan nearby. I had never been there, but my father-in-law wanted to visit with me.

So off we went. There wasn’t a lot of salt there, it’s not salt season, but it’s a nice enough place, and I’m glad I finally know the place.

The places where salt used to be stored, small wooden cabins, have been transformed into little shops, selling all sorts of items. Salt included.

After that, on the way back home, we drove by Manique do Intendente, a small village that has a massive palace, built by a somewhat crazy police chief, that thought this place could someday become the capital of the kingdom.

Things didn’t really work out for him, but the palace is still there, surrounded by the regular sized houses that come with a regular sized village.

It was a great way to spend the morning, and the drive there was really nice.