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Had the usual cups of coffee in the morning, and decided to skip photographing those, hoping I’d meet a beer in the afternoon. Sadly, that didn’t happen. So…

Drinks vending machine in a Kyoto street corner.

Back to memory land, and a place where a beverage is never far.

thingsThisWeek #22

  • 🍷 Comida Independente had a party, we attended. I was supposed to document the event, but things didn’t turn out as easy as expected. I’m not really great at shooting these things, and the end result is always so depressing that I find myself shooting less every time. Of course that means I have fewer, and worse, photos. I guess I should just start saying no to these.
  • 🍿 The Tinder Swindler to start the week, followed by The Drug King. Special Correspondents, second time for me, because movieStar hadn’t seen that one yet. 6 Underground, Screwball, The Highwaymen, True Memoirs of an International Assassin, Downfall: The Case Against Boeing. Series? Inventing Anna. We binged the series, meaning a couple of episodes a night. Last week’s show (Murderville) was left behind. Somehow it didn’t feel funny enough for movieStar, and I’ll have to agree. There are SO many shows to watch, some are bound to be left unwatched.
  • ❤️ Yes, Valentine’s Day happened this week, and I totally forgot it was coming. We ended up having lunch at our Mexican joint down the street, and that was it. Turned out pretty great, with lunchtime margarita happy hour thrown in for good measure. Next year I promise I’ll remember and plan accordingly.
  • 🎥 Movie Day for tinyMovieStar. Kindergarten took the kids to the movies, and she had a great time. It was her first time at the cinema, and they watched mostly Russian short (very short) movies. Everyone was behaving very well, silent and entertained. She slept on the bus that took them back to kindergarten, even though it was a 15 min drive.
  • 🔋Felt tired all week long. No energy. Nothing. Still have some photos left to edit, and took care of another batch, but that was hard. Did nothing worth a sentence. Nothing at all.
  • 🏝 Seems like March might not be the month we go back to the island after all. Confirmation didn’t come through, some things that were planned there have been postponed, so probably our trip will go the same way. A couple of friends have been down there in the past month, we keep hearing about it, looking at the photos. It’s even harder now, when we thought we were so close to going back. April, maybe?
  • 📱Got myself a birthday present, a month before the actual date. Finally upgraded the phone. The X will now go to movieStar, and it’s the phone I enjoyed the most up to now. It was the one that shot most of the photos of the previous years, the best time of my life. It’s been with us on the island, around Asia, a bit of Europe, and, topping that off, it was the phone that captured tinyMovieStar’s first months on this planet. Thank you, mrBatsu.

thingsThisWeek #21

  • 🦥 Zoo time! Haven’t been in ages, didn’t really want to go back, but there you have it. tinyMovieStar rules the world, with movieStar as second-in-command, and we ended up spending a couple of hours at the local zoo with cousins, and their kids. What can I tell you? I’m not a fan of zoos. Can’t recall, but I don’t think I liked them when I was younger. tinyMovieStar loved it tough. She talked about it the whole week. movieStar got her a plush sloth on the way out, and it’s now one of her favorites, along with the panda she’s had for a while.
  • 🍿 Another week, another batch of tv series and movies. Started the weekly marathon with The Hater. Then A Family, Get Him to the Greek, The Fable, The Fable: The Killer Who Doesn’t Kill, Untold: Crime & Penalties. We also watched one episode of Murderville. Funny. I heard about this one on Smartless, and was curious about it. Not great, but good enough for a few laughs.
  • 🦷 Teething. Ongoing. These are probably the last ones, but they are proving to be a challenge. Poor thing keeps sticking her finger in her mouth. Still, I find it amazing how strong she is, I’d be rolling around on the floor.
  • 📰 Surprise, I got back and did an assignment for the newspaper I left years ago. Felt good to be back to these assignments. It was a small, simple, affair, but felt great getting in the car and driving an hour out of the city to shoot a place I’ve never been before. When is the next one coming?
  • 🎉 This was also the week when we, finally free from the Covid shackles, could visit both our families. Grandmas and grandpas were happy to see tinyMovieStar again, she was thrilled to see them as well. She played with the dog, she had strawberry ice-cream, scrambled eggs by the dozen, the whole thing… We slept over at my in-laws, and came back on Sunday, after a lively lunch with my brothers-in-law. A day later one of them calls and announces they too got the virus. Not from us, but from someone else at the wake we all attended last week.
  • 🏝Seems like we’re going back to Príncipe. Probably March, but still waiting for the confirmation. A lot of things are worrying me at this point. I’m sure we’ll be fine, but the move from Gang of Two to Gang of Three has me thinking about the preparation a lot more than I used to.

Travel Plans

We’re on the first stages of planning our upcoming trip. We’re still waiting for the confirmation, but we’ll probably spend a month (March?) on the island.

It’s the first big trip we’re making with tinyMovieStar, and the destination can be challenging for a (close to) two-year-old toddler.

This is a trip we’ve made many times before, but travelling with her adds countless new variables. That has been true when moving in the country, it will get a lot harder with this trip. Long gone are the days of pack&go!

She’ll be flying for the first time, and not a short flight at that. That is our first concern. Then she’ll land in a place that is entirely different from what she’s used to. None of the things we rely upon to feed her and entertain her are available. We’ll have to pack tons of food, medicines, toys, books, and so on. Vegetables are hard to find there, and everything else has regular shortages as well.

We’re probably getting a house in the city, and that comes with advantages, as well as disadvantages. We can cook, but we have to find supplies to do that, not as easy as asking the kitchen staff to help out. There’s only one “supermarket”, and regular things can be in very short supply. There’s also no pool or beach in the city, and the number of things to do in town in general is very, VERY, limited. The town is tiny.

The nicest hotel, the one where it would be easier to keep her happy, fed, and entertained, is closed for renovation. That’s the one with the nicest beach too. Bummer.

We’ll also have to find someone to help out with babysitting. We have someone on our minds, but aren’t even sure if she’s on the island at the moment.

Transportation is another issue. There are no taxis (they do have motorcycle taxis, but those are obviously not suitable), no buses, and renting a car for a month would be crazy expensive. There’s a bus that takes the hotel’s employees around the island, and that’s probably what we’ll use.

It will be crazy hot! We can handle it, sometimes barely, but she’s never been in a place as hot as the island. It’s another reason to worry.

She’ll miss her kindergarten too, as she’s really into it at the moment. movieStar will ask the teacher to send a video now and then, but the first days will surely be hard for her. She doesn’t have a babysitter here, she spends all her time at kindergarten, and with us, I’m sure it will be something difficult to overcome. I will probably not work while there, but something might come up. I’ll keep her company for as long as I can, while movieStar goes off to work but, if I have to work also, things will get messy.

We’re thrilled that she’s going there, and happy that we’re back as well, but I know things will be very different this time around, the whole dynamic has changed too much. Still, this is a wonderful opportunity, and I can’t wait to see her there, having fun and discovering a TON of new things. I hope she has as much fun as we do. She’s meeting the place where mom&dad met and married!

thingsThisWeek #20

  • 🎂 Mother-in-law had a birthday, and we couldn’t attend. We’re still a little scared we might be infecting people even after the mandatory week at home. Still testing positive when the week started, and the cough had yet to disappear. That changed later on, as the week unfolded.
  • 🍿 Made it to the end of The Girl From Oslo, and moved on to… Did watch a couple of movies as well, still on my quest to go through the worst movies on Netflix: Home Team, Munich The Edge of War, The Polka King, The Trader, The Week Of, Bad Boys for Life, Yes Day, Sand Castle, Operation Finale, The Dirt. Busy week! One series that I keep turning to when I have nothing else lined up, or have no time to look for something, is Superstore. Fun enough, perfect for a break while editing photos or other chores. I believe I’ve watched it all already, but don’t mind seeing the odd episode from time to time.
  • 🗳 Sunday was Election Day. This is the one I was working for until my test came back positive, and I’m sad to say that the nazis got a lot more votes than I expected. At the same time, the socialist party managed to get a huge chunk of the votes, an outright majority (way more than expected), and consequently they’ll be able to keep doing what they’ve been doing for six years now.
  • 🦠 We finally tested negative on the Covid test. We had complied with the mandatory isolation, but we were still a little scared to go out and meet people, because our tests kept coming back positive. Now we’re free to go anywhere again. We can visit our parents again! This variant is still going strong, and everyone we know that has kids is getting infected.
  • 🖼 Something I hadn’t done in a long while: go to a museum and see an art show. A colleague from Porto is showing some photos at the prestigious Gulbenkian museum in Lisbon, and Nuno thought it would be a good idea to visit. It was. He rode his bike and offered a lift (always a thrill), and the show was pretty cool. Small, but nice.
  • 💻 Finally got around to it and edited a ton of photos from an assignment that was left behind when the virus came into our lives. Still another one to deal with, but shouldn’t take long.
  • 👶🏻 tinyMovieStar is growing fast. Too fast. I’m aware this is something every parent feels, we were warned about it multiple times, and everyone was spot on. Things happen at a speed I wasn’t prepared for, and she’s not even two yet! Every single day we’re amazed by the new thing she’s doing. She talks a LOT, and I love it. She narrates her whole day, describing what she’s doing at all times. And it gets better and better, every day, with the new words she’s picking up. Sweet as can be.

thingsThisWeek #19

  • 🦠 This week was all about Covid. Locked at home, on mandatory isolation after the positive test. Days One and Two. Days Three and Four. Day Five. Days Six, Seven, and Eight. We made it. It wasn’t easy, but also not too hard. We’re lucky.
  • 🍿 Midnight Asia, not brilliant, but we’re suckers for Asia, so we’ll take it. Also Ozark, amazing, as usual. Laura Linney is incredible. She goes from sweetie pie to devil in one second! Mr Bateman is brilliant. The kids are great, but Julia Garner is… awesome! Two days was all it took to binge the whole season. We also started The Girl From Oslo. It has some moments, but not totally on board with it. Movie count (and quality) very low: Rising High, Get the Goat, The Brothers Grimsby, and Not a Game. Not a good weeks for movies (but I guess I’m to blame by picking the worst ones available), and a great week for tv. Ozark made up for the whole week.
  • 🐦 I celebrated my 15th anniversary on Twitter. Still enjoy it, so maybe I should just say celebrated. I still get a lot out of this site.
  • ✏️ Micro Camp was announced! This year I’ll be one of the presenters, and it’s causing me a bit of anxiety. I’m sure it will be fine in the end, and there’s a note on Ulysses with thousands of characters in it, so there’s that.

covidNotes (6/7/8)



Head feels a little light.

tinyMovieStar went back to kindergarten, the bigger movieStar sat at her computer and worked, and I thought I could get away with a little photo editing.

It didn’t last long. As I’ve read before, some find it harder to concentrate after/while dealing with the virus. Obviously I couldn’t be left out of this part…

I did manage to watch a movie in bed, but even then I had to stop every 15 minutes.

Today is also the day I can request my new vaccination certificate from the national authority, since a couple of weeks have passed since my booster shot. Or, being an infected person, I can pick from that one and the “recovered” certificate. Decisions, decisions,…



We went to bed yesterday at a regular time. The little one was exhausted from spending the day running around at the kindergarten, so she fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed. We had time to watch an episode of The Girl From Oslo before heading the same way.

Today we started a little earlier, when tinyMovieStar decided 5:30AM was a reasonable time for stories&playtime.

Coughing hasn’t gone away, it’s getting a little worse in fact.

Body seems to be close to full recovery, less tired than before.

Too early to know how my brain is handling things. Seems fine, but…

It’s 10AM, and my dad is driving over with another load of supplies. I told him movieStar is out of her isolation, capable of going to the supermarket (3 minute walk), but he doesn’t care. They were going to their supermarket anyway, so picked up an extra ton of things, and we’ll soon need a bigger fridge! Of course we’re very thankful.

Also got a call about an assignment, and had to turn that one down. Covid is making me lose money. I’ll probably be ready to work again next week, but these two weeks, unexpectedly, would have made me very happy.



We’re good!

Flu-like symptoms, and a mild one. That’s all we have left.


That’s it. We’re done. Tomorrow we’re all allowed outside, and it’s just a matter of feeling normal again. We can get back to our daily routines.

covidNotes (3/4)


Hello, hello,… What time is it?


Nose still blocked. I guess I’m a mouth-breather now! 🤣

Also, SO thirsty. It doesn’t matter how much water I drink, the thirst never fully goes away. Thankfully, I LOVE water.


Woke up. Still feeling crappy, but manageable.


No fever, for now.

Coughing a little more, and I now have the sick taste. It’s something I feel when I’m about to get sick, I can feel the disease when I cough. Please tell me I’m not alone on this one. movieStar has no idea what I’m talking about.

Anyway, coughing is no longer dry, and the nose is running a little as well.

Back pain still very much present.


Cooked lunch for the little one.

Spent some time going around the supermarket’s app, taking screenshots of the things we need, and sent those to my brother. He’s doing the shopping today. Supplies should be here soon.

We’re very fortunate that we have part of the family living close by, and countless friends willing to bring us whatever we might need. Others are surely not as lucky, and I wonder how many are going out, during their isolation period because no one is at hand to help them. How many are at the supermarket right now, with Covid?


Supplies have been delivered. We’re good for another couple of days.

The fever is back. And the chills? God! Freezing all the time.

I can’t tell when I have a temperature, that’s what we’re finding out. movieStar will look at me, tell me I should measure it, and she’s right. Every single time.

Whenever I feel like I’m hot, I’ll grab the thermometer, and never get it right.

My throat is also hurting, it’s harder to speak now.

Brother came over, complete with a N95 mask, tinyMovieStar was thrilled to see someone besides both of us, she did her happy dance! She’s been stuck inside for close to a week, impressive. Usually, she would love to go out, to the park, to the playground. It’s almost as if she knows there’s something wrong, and today was the first day when she started talking about it.

He stayed outside the apartment, but that was good enough.

And I’m not hungry. At all. Can’t even think about eating.

It’s now past 4PM, and I haven’t eaten yet.


Ate something. I had to.

Throat is my main concern now, and I did feel a little, tiny, chest pain when I coughed harder. It’s probably nothing. It has to be nothing.


We wouldn’t be up if tinyMovieStar hadn’t picked today to make it harder on us. She’s fine, but wants songs, and stories, and both of us in bed with her.

We sing, and repeat the stories she’s requesting. Over and over.

She’s been great throughout the whole thing, much braver than I’ve been able to.

movieStar also behaved like… well, a star! She has no booster shot yet, and she had to go through the entire thing with the little one, alone, without me. I would be dead if I had to do it. I’m the luckiest man alive, I can tell you that!


Can’t remember if I woke up through the night. It’s probably a good sign.

It’s now 7:30AM, and I’m ready for another day of virus fighting!

I do feel a little better. Maybe even more than a little, but I’ll have to get up before I can be certain.

I got up.

Drank an enormous amount of water. Ice-cold, as always.

I DO feel better! Exhausted from the past couple of days, but better. Maybe the worst is behind me, and now it’s just a matter of getting my strength back.

Still coughing.

Around 10AM, properly caffeinated. All of us are feeling MUCH better.

We can now enjoy the isolation! The three of us, together all day long, as things are meant to be!

Mom&Dad can also breathe again, they were anxious, and miss seeing us. Mom got a care package ready, and Dad drove over to deliver it. Thank you.

We have more than enough food to see us through another full week of isolation without going out. tinyMovieStar should be going back to kindergarten tomorrow, let’s see how that goes. Right now, I would actually welcome another week at home with these two!


Still feel tired. Even the slightest effort will have me looking for the sofa or bed, but that too should soon pass.

Throat still feels itchy.


Lunch was YUMMY, thanks Mom.


Managed to watch a little tv while the little one slept (Ozark!), and now we’re back at it: full on family isolation mode!

If it wasn’t the throat, and the occasional cough, no one would be able to figure out we’ve been fighting the virus for a few days.

We thank the vaccines, our (relatively) healthy lifestyle, and our good fortune. Unless things take an unexpected turn, we should be out of this one.

Having said that, and even if we expected a mild couple of days, I must have gone through the list of things we should look for a thousand times, just in case we needed to call an ambulance. Is this cough like this or like that? I hope our fever doesn’t go above X! I hope tomorrow we feel better because the fever should go away after two days…

The anxiety was the worst part.

I’m thankful for the calls and messages we got, from friends and family. Some unexpected, from old acquaintances, and some others we expected at least a token message from, didn’t even bother. I’ll try not to hold a grudge for too long.


Stable. Same as I’m expecting our next days to be: some coughing, sore throats, and not much else.

covidNotes (1/2)


I was feeling fine, happy, until the test result came. I was also feeling fine when the test result came, truth be told. Nothing changed, except I now had a positive test, something I had managed to avoid since this whole mess started.

I went out and got a test at the pharmacy, to make sure the self test result was not a fake positive. It was not.

Back home, ready to endure the isolation period. Seven days. That’s how long I’ll have to stay in.

The movieStars end theirs on Sunday and Monday, I’ll keep going for a few more days.

Spent a while texting and calling people I’ve been in contact recently, and let the campaign staff and candidates know I would, very sadly, be unable to join them for the rest of the time.

Still feeling almost the same, we went to bed at around 11PM. Watched a few more After Life episodes before doing that.

Woke up at 3AM, body aches and some shivering going on, but mostly good.

Two hours later, still unable to sleep. No headache, but now I feel VERY hot.


Waking up at 8:30AM. Feeling like I have a monster cold. Still have to get up to find out how is the body doing, ache-wise.

Took me a while to get back to sleep, I should ride this a little longer. I know I’ll be back to bed soon.

Got up, walked around. It feels like a mix of a monster hangover, a beating, and flu. Legs hurt, muscles hurt, lower back pain as well.


Fever. Yoghurt, some grapes. A pill was taken.

Slept for something like three hours.

Got the message from the Health Ministry, with a very extensive questionnaire. They got my test result, and I’m now a part of the statistics.

Fever comes and goes, chills also.

Central heating is blasting, full power, and I’m still wearing a hoodie, wrapped in a huge fleece blanket, a woolen cap, and gloves. And, thanks to movieStar’s memory, an amazing thing, a bag of cherry cores, that gets heated in the microwave. Brilliant.

No TV today. Not even 8PM, and I’m in bed.

tinyMovieStar joins me, we read a story (something a little more demanding when the fever is this high), and we’re all getting ready to sleep way before 9PM.

The way covid charts look right now are scarier than they’ve ever been to me. I’m aware this latest variant seems milder, and I look at the graphs, they prove that. Most people who are hospitalized, or die, are unvaccinated, and we were lucky to be able to get the vaccines, and the booster shot (movieStar still waiting for that one).

Then there’s a minuscule amount of people who still go to the hospital, and some will sadly die, even after getting vaccinated.

Before, the numbers were all abstract, or sort of, a reflection of a reality that was not mine yet, in a way. But now we’re also a part of that “infections” line, and I would really REALLY love to keep us all out of those other lines.


Couldn’t sleep, so we headed to the living room again, and finished After Life and Folk med ångest. Both good, but After Life is AMAZING!

Glad we were having trouble sleeping.

thingsThisWeek #18

  • 📷 Starting with work, since that’s how the week began. Quite early in the morning, as a matter of fact. Rougher neighbourhood on Saturday, and then I had to leave the campaign trail for a couple of days, Sunday and Monday spent on the road, visiting vineyards for one of my other clients. Always fun, even though I don’t drink wine. On the campaign trail things are on overdrive, as the election date is approaching. One more week and we’d done, or so I thought when the week started.
  • 😢 Sleeping away from the girls is no fun. No fun at all! Being on the road used to be something I looked forward to, a part of my job that I enjoyed immensely. Not anymore. I end up worrying too much, unable to sleep. We have slept in different houses maybe twice before, but not too far apart. I knew it would take me an hour to get to them. This time I was further away, and with no easy way to make it back.
  • 🦠 Of course the first Covid positive in the family had to be tinyMovieStar, and of course, this had to happen when I was away! Of course. movieStar also tested positive, one day after the little one. The timing was bad. I should be home helping out, and this is the one time I had work that forced me to be out all day, every day! Fear not, as the week ended with the three of us locked inside, isolating as a family! I tested positive on Thursday, and that was that. No more leaving the house, no more work, no more.
  • 🍿 So happy that After Life is back. It’s a great show, one we waited for with anticipation, and it does not disappoint. Amazing writing, stellar performances, it’s wonderful in every way. Sadly, my work schedule during most of this week, and the fact that both movieStars were feeling exhausted with covid side-effects, has prevented us from bingeing this one. We’re good for another week, I believe. No movies were watched this week.
  • 🎙 David Byrne on Smartless. Listened to this one while driving to work this week, trying to keep my brain away from the thought of the positives at home. It worked. Such a great show. The man is a legend. I’ve been listening to his music for decades, loved the interview.
  • 🥰 This week my Ulysses theme was finally approved, and it’s now available. If you use the app, and want to check it out, you can find it here: movieStars.

thingsThisWeek #17

  • 😔 A sad way to start the week, the saddest. As I had work to do during the weekend, I would be unable to spend the weekend with the girls and the in-laws, our usual weekend activity. So, I dropped the girls at their place, out in the countryside, and spent the weekend alone at home. That is, the brief moments I had to be at home. Missed them a lot. Not used to being away from them.
  • 📷 Busy week, shooting the campaign for the upcoming election. Early start every day. It’s great to see old friends again, and being out shooting them is always great fun. We get around the whole district, that’s another plus. I also get some driving time, great to pick up new songs from the radio, or listen to a podcast episode on the way there and back. All in all, I enjoy these. Getting up so early in the morning is a pain, not being able to take tinyMovieStar to kindergarten is not nice, but it’s work, and it will be over soon.
  • 🍿 Thunder Force (⭐️), The Hitman’s Bodyguard(⭐️⭐️⭐️), Who Am I (⭐️⭐️⭐️½), Flight (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️), Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord (⭐️⭐️⭐️), as well as a series, Folk med Ångest. But that is mostly me, movieStar didn’t find it too appealing. I might give up on it as well. We did finish Hit & Run. Nice enough, but we thought it was no match for Fauda. Next up: After Life, season 3. We’ve been waiting for a very long while.
  • 🖍 Back to school for tinyMovieStar, and I couldn’t be the one dropping her off after the vacation. I had to work. Bummer! She did have a birthday party, from her closest friend no less, and was thrilled to get back. Happy for all of us.
  • 🦠 Booster shot day was also a part of the week. We don’t have a vaccination center close to home now, at least not that close, so I drove to the other side of town, and got my shot. In and out in no time, just like before. Furthermore, the week when we started getting emails from tinyMovieStar’s kindergarten, people are testing positive over there. These are the first emails, which is a little scary, but also surprised we didn’t get any before. Classes started in September, it’s incredible that no one caught the bug until now. Anyway, side effects felt a little milder than before, but I had to work the following day, and that was not easy.
  • 💻 No time for anything else. That’s it.

River Ride

Taking advantage of the fact that today’s venue for the campaign was just across the river, I thought I might skip the driving part and just take the boat there.

The time I was supposed to be there was also a little later than usual, so I had the opportunity to take it slower.

Grabbed an electric scooter, rode it down to the river, managed to get a couple of sticker shots after I dropped it, and walked to the pier.

Boats leave roughly ten minutes apart at this time, and the packed ones are coming into town, not the other way around. My boat, as expected, was mostly empty.

Ten minutes later I found myself on the south bank, ready for a few more stickers, and another handful of photos while I made my way to the place where work would happen.

The city streets also empty, as most people are already across the river to work.

Did the work, walked back to the boat. Another short scooter ride and I was home editing. Still time to do it before tinyMovieStar left kindergarten.

No time for lunch. That happened at five.

The Brown Gang

Back from this morning’s shoot, photos are edited, and it’s now time to pick up the movieStars. Miss them!


Special delivery for @Miraz 😊

Looked for it in the archive and, sure enough, there it was. 11 year old photo, the first time I saw one.

Giving it Another Try

Test post, I’m giving Ulysses another go. Thank you, @Gaby, I’ll blame you for this one.

Tanzawa Love

Ever since I first saw @jamesvandyne’s blog I’ve been in love with Tanzawa.

It’s one of the coolest looking blogs I know. Crisp, clean, with all the features you might need, the right amount of emoji sprinkled throughout. It also has a ‘feel good’ mood that I can’t really put into words. You can tell a lot of time, and love, went into it.

It’s not (yet?) available to us, but James was kind enough to tell me that, if I was able to install Docker, I could test drive it. “Docker, you say?”

I had no idea what Docker was, but went out and tried to find out. Soon I was deploying servers on DigitalOcean, copying and pasting left and right, trying to get to the bottom of it. Of course it couldn’t be that easy, but thankfully James, on the other side of the world, was providing help and letting me know what I’d have to tweak to make it work.

And soon enough I was staring into this:

The smile on my face when this showed up on the screen was HUGE. It was ready to go! Soon I had a post ready, and what a pleasure it was to compose this one.

When, oh when, will this be available to all of us?? No one knows.
Until then I’ll just have to keep visiting his blog, and dreaming of the day when I can have one just like that.

Thank you, James, for making this with care in Yokohama.


I wanted an .eu domain for a while, since I live in the EU and find it nicer than a .pt one. Another cool thing about it is that “Eu” in Portuguese means “Me” so, for Portuguese speaking people, it’s kinda like having a .me URL…

And moving your home is always fun, right?

Anyway, Porkbun had very reasonable prices for these, so I got maique.eu, and decided to move {micro maique} to the new domain.
I expected things to take a while to settle, as DNS changes can be a pain. But, again, it was done in no time! Porkbun seems to have some sort of magical DNS dust, and Micro.blog was lightning fast as well. HTTPS took five minutes, and everything was working in under 10 minutes.

I dropped tinyMovieStar at kindergarten, came back and took care of the missing items: Updated the OMG.LOL page, Mastodon profile, Plausible, Updown, and the contact email on the about page. You can now reach me at hey@maique.eu, but the older one will keep working too.

I might be missing some other places. It’s one of the side effects of having our online presence scattered all over. I’ll deal with those when I find them.

And I guess that’s it. Welcome to the new place, it looks a LOT like the old one! 🤣

Sublime Ads: Check!

I’ve been afraid of tweaking the templates for the site for a long time, scared I might break something. Hugo seems hard!
I wanted to have @vincent’s Sublime Ads on the site but kept chickening out.

I didn’t get much sleep this evening, and then I read @pimoore’s The Macro of Micro.blog. I decided to have another go as soon as I was done with dropping tinyMovieStar at kindergarten. Maybe the lack of rest would make me do something foolish…

It worked!
I glanced at Hugo’s documentation, added a few tweaks here, a few more over there, a sprinkle of CSS, and they are now live!

Right now I’m serving ads for Things I Love after the footer. Feel free to check them out, and also Vincent’s amazing service.

Hey There, Yubi!

The key is here, and so are my first impressions.
Mind you, I have no idea what I’m talking about, these are my views, and I might very well be missing the point. Please feel free to let me know that…

I’m not going deep, just the basic “let me into my account” features I’m looking for at the moment. Bear with me, I’ve had it for a day.

(Yubi has it’s own bodyguard. You can never be too safe, right?)

As we talked about a few of things should be considered when thinking about a Yubikey. I’m not a high-value target (heck, not even a low-value one) so I don’t think people are coming after my stuff. Except for Instagram, where I get daily notifications of people trying to access my account and change the password!

Anyway, if a service provides 2FA, I’m using it. I think everyone should.
At the moment I’m using 1Password for this. I’m aware it’s not the safest way of going about it, but it’s certainly better than not having it enabled at all, and it is VERY handy.

My reasoning for this is: if my 1P is already compromised, I’m screwed anyway. The app, both macOS and iOS need a strong password to log in, and FaceID on the iOS one. If they manage to get there, I probably have a large gun pointed at me, and there are other things I should be worried about. Like “How did I get myself in a situation where a large gun is pointed at me and people want my OMG.LOL login credentials”??

For day to day use this is really neat. It does not slow me down, while keeping me secure. I’m the one holding the TOTP app, and that is always needed to log in. 1Password even inputs the codes for me, so I’m good, and lazy.

But the Yubikey looked so cool and geeky!

It has arrived, and I started poking around with it. First try, GitHub. One of the services that supports the “whole thing”! The “touch the key and you’re in” method. It’s great.

I wish I could use the WebAuthn method to log in to every single site, as that works brilliantly. The key will be plugged into the computer, or I’ll hold it to the back of the phone, and it just works. Like magic. Having this all over the web would be awesome.

However, not all (or even most) sites allow for this great feature, and they will use the same TOTP method as the regular authentication apps. Yubico provides it’s own Yubico Authenticator app (macOS and iOS versions), and the codes are stored on the key. It only has room for 32 of those, and that’s not a lot, maybe insufficient for some people.
And you’ll have to open the app, while holding the key to its back, and copy and paste them by hand, as you would do with Authy, or any of the other apps available. The big difference here is the place where the codes are stored. Not on the phone, but on the key. Without it, you’ll see the app empty, with no codes in there.

1Password clearly wins on the comfort side. Maybe not as safe, but maybe safe enough for most people. It’s safe enough for me.

But… Opening up the app, seeing it empty, and watching it all come to life when you plug the key in? Priceless! It adds that extra oomph. Oh, and security as well!

I added a few apps to the key, but I’m still keeping them in 1P as well, for now.
If everything works out ok, I’ll be able to delete them from that app, and just use the key and it’s own authenticator app, having them on both sides makes no sense, and I’m not more secure because of it. I’m just not sure yet if I’m willing to carry the key every day, and stop being lazy about this.


New profile page at maique.OMG.LOL. What’s that all about?

Yesterday I was complaining about no new toys to play, because there is no time to play with them, and I found one that, on top of having just the right amount of things to play with, it’s useful.

One in a long list of profile pages, digital cards, bio links, whatever you’d like to call them, OMG.LOL has plenty of nice things going for it.

You can find free alternatives, you can even roll your own with a simple static page (and I did for a while), but OMG.LOL add a few nice things on top.

You control the DNS, you get email forwarding (and can even configure your email and send from you address), you can host a static page if a profile page doesn’t suit you, you can redirect your URL to anywhere you’d like, and the pricing is a cool USD5 a year. Not too much, in my opinion.

They have themes, but you can tweak the CSS of the one you pick to your liking, or create a new one. I did that, and was also able to get Plausible working with it in no time.

A few other things are also available, you can check them out at their help page.

One last thing: the support from the nice folks at neatnik was super fast yesterday. I noticed the icon for a M.b link wasn’t available, asked them for it, and it took them two minutes to get it working. Amazing.

Flickr Vs. SmugMug

Just thinking out loud over here, and very premature as well, but today I was thinking about Flickr, and something came up.

I’m on Flickr for many years now, and I’ve kept my account PRO for as long as I remember. It’s my main archive, truth be told. It’s easier to find my way around Flickr than diving into the disks at home.
I’m not a very organised person.

I was grandfathered when they decided to bump the price, but I’ll be paying the same as everyone else in a couple of years.

I wondered how much would that be, and turns out it’s slightly over what SmugMug is charging for what amounts, in my view, to the same feature set, and a couple of other things thrown in.

Am I missing something ?
As far as I can tell the Basic plan would suit me just fine, it sounds like a Flickr PRO account, right ?

Flickr PRO comes out at €65.88/year and SmugMug Basic would cost $55 (around €45) a year. That’s a considerable difference.

Ideas ?

Rainbow Power

Lockdown in place, dreaming of the time when we could stroll our lives away.


Calming Down ?

During our little outing today it felt like there were fewer people out and about, and less cars as well.

Still #1 country in the world, infection wise and death toll.

All Packed

This one felt appropriate for today.

All photos have been edited, packed and WeTransfered to their destinations. Almost 40000 photos seen, around 5000 sent. It’s been going on since last year, but it’s finally done. Yay!

Maybe time for a beer!



Monday. Guess what ? Everybody out on the street! Party Time! Never mind this is the opposite of what you should be doing. Never mind. What’s an extra hundred dead a day ? Morons.

We’re now over the “We trust you to be responsible”, and on to “Go sit in the corner”.

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