💛 helloYellow

    A street view showing a traditional building with blue azulejo tiles and white trim, featuring a balcony with ornate railing. A metallic gold-colored car is parked in front of it.

    A yellow Mercedes-Benz van parked on a street next to a no-parking sign with trees in the background.

    💛 Out Walking Again

    A yellow textured wall with the shadow of a leafy plant casting a pattern on it, partially covering a parked car which is visible at the bottom of the frame.

    💛 Yellow!

    A yellow car drives by.

    I’ve been a fan of yellow for a while, and now it’s a game as well. One I play with tinyMovieStar. Whenever a yellow vehicle drives by, she can gently slap me.

    A yellow tuk tuk rides by.

    Yeah, I know. But I love it.

    (I managed to turn white cars into hugs though, so I come out on top…)

    💛 We came across this yellow Ford yesterday, thought I might as well share the shots.

    A yellow vintage Ford.

    Detail of a yellow vintage Ford.

    Detail of a yellow vintage Ford.

    Detail of a yellow vintage Ford.

    Detail of a yellow vintage Ford.

    💛 Yeah, someone just drove by on a yellow convertible Mustang.

    A yellow, convertible, Mustang.

    🩷 💛 Morning walks to kindergarten are always fun…

    A man is seen, holding a bag, agains a pink wall.

    A street sign casts a long shadow over a yellow building.

    💛 It’s Yellow Car day in the city.

    Two yellow cars. One in the back, out of focus, and the back of another one, focused in the foreground.

    💛 ♥️ All about the yellows and the reds…

    A red door, in a pink building.

    Faded yellow, a shuttered shop.

    Two cars, one is yellow, the other red.

    ♥️🧡💛🤍 Coloring Time

    A box of pencils. Yellow, orange, and red ones. A couple of white ones.

    💛 Back from fishing trip, had lunch with a big group, then off to Nova Estrela, my favorite part of the island. Now it’s time for dinner, leaving soon.

    A boy leans agains a yellow building, a group of girls seen on the background.

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