Guezota. That’s what my father used to call me when I was tiny. 

Most people would just call me Gué, from MiGUEl. He went the extra mile, and made it sound even more Spanish (he studied there for a while), like a character in an epic novel. The U is silent (in Miguel, Gue, and Guezota), by the way, for those who have English as their mother tongue. Gabz is probably the only one who can say it properly.

It’s still my favourite nickname ever. One no one uses today, but it’s the one I find the sweetest. 

I own that domain too, registered it a while back. I will probably pay it forever, but have no real use for it. In the past I had (another) blog using it, but that is gone now. From time to time (like today) I wonder what I could use it for.

That's it. I was feeling nostalgic, that's all.