I can’t complain. It’s work, and not a lot of that has shown up lately. This is also the prequel to another one, one I actually enjoy doing. A lot, if I think about it.

But it shows how some people (don’t) think about what it takes to get things done.
Later today I will shoot some portraits. These portraits will be used on all sorts of materials: flyers, stickers, outdoor posters, you name it. The client even took the time to write a small briefing document, mostly addressing what kind of attire people should wear. They went to the trouble of hiring a make-up artist.

I will show up an hour earlier to set things up, to test the strobes.

My call with the (very nice) guy who’s running this particular show went something like this:

Me: “So, how many people are we talking about?”

Him: “There are 25 of them”

Me: “And you said we had… How long to do it??”

Him: “Two hours”

My head wheels turn for a second…

Me: “That’s around 5 mins per person…”

Him: “Oh.”

Me: “Yes.”


Me: “No time for anything to go even remotely wrong, and even so… it’s 5 minutes!”

Him: “You’re right, of course. We’ll manage somehow” 


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