A sign with the letter ‘S’ hanging from a wire against a backdrop of a blue sky and the upper facade of a building with balconies.

Last one of the xMas-themed celebrations: Kings Day. And I must really find a job. Really. It was a messy week.

  • πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡· Friday was extra nice. Our Turkish friend was spending her last day in town, we joined her for lunch. Had a VERY nice burger in a spot I don’t visit often enough, with a yummy IPA. The girls went the opposite way and had oysters, shrimp, and white wine. All of us had a good time. When dinner time arrived we were joined by a brother in law, who found himself alone in the city, wife away in one of those corporate team building weekends. We cooked, he was tinyMovieStar’s toy for the evening, and she cried her heart out when he left. She was SO sleepy and tired by then, it took her two minutes to fall asleep.

  • πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ Still no way to talk the little one back into the pool. She says she will go “next time”, but she’s been doing that for a while. We will wait a bit longer before canceling the monthly payments, but would really love for her to properly learn how to swim. Maybe tomorrow she’ll wake up and wants to go.

  • πŸ‘‘ Kings Day was a blast. We had lunch at my parents (Saturday Classic), and then moved to the in-laws. I’m aware I’ve said it before, the house is always busy, but this time around it was incredibly so. The whole gang was around, and I mean all of it! There are a couple of family members who are harder to meet, as they live far from the country, and can’t always make it. They all did this time around. It was fabulous. Lots of singing, eating, talking, drinking, drawing.

  • πŸ˜” The rest of the week felt pretty shitty, truth be told. I need to find regular work, this freelancing thing is a mess. Work has been slowing down last year, and I do miss the steady pay. I’m pretty sure I’m not getting that again, not in the newspaper business, and I’m feeling a bit lost. Hope things brighten up, but it’s not easy to figure things out.

  • πŸ“Ί The Brothers Sun. Good.

  • 🍿 No movies this week.

  • πŸŽ™ Core Int, Extremamente DesagradΓ‘vel, Catching the Kingpins, Ruminate.

  • πŸ‘» Moving a Ghost blog. DinkiWinkiMinkiWinki was hosted at Ghost(Pro), and the one thing that kept bothering me for a while was the cost. The service is great, but I was paying a hefty sum to have the blog sit there, posts taking months to write. I was looking for an alternative, ever since I moved it to a monthly subscription, trying to force me to act, looking at the monthly payment. If I’d paid for a full year, I wouldn’t have done this. The blog is too big by now, over 5GB in photos, so that was also keeping me from moving. I was afraid, and lazy. In the end I went with PikaPods. It looks like a nice service, and hopefully stable enough so I don’t have to move again. The Ghost part of moving was impressively simple, with the provided zipped archive they sent on request. Everything (I mean EVERYTHING) is in there, so it’s just a matter of importing stuff into the new home. Then comes DNS (thanks for being cool, Porkbun), Cloudflare, Mailgun. A pain. But a manageable one. It took a couple of hours to sort through this mess, and it was done. There’s was a new post on DinkiWinkiMinkiWinki to celebrate the move, and I’ll try to get to the next one in less than a year. Promise. Also, I should write a longer post about this whole thing, especially about PikaPods. It’s an impressive service that a lot of people, who do not look at self-hosting with a favourable eye, could use.

  • πŸ”Ž Kagi is no more, at least not for me. Shitty attitude, on top of a shitty deal. Sad to see this one go. I have a feeling I’ll get back to it sometime in the future. Other search engines feel even worse than they did before trying this one.

  • 🌐 Since maique.lol is back in business, I thought it would be good to re-enable sidorβ™‘life, the blog hosted at weblog.lol. I refactored the Drafts action I used to post there (it now adds a date to the frontmatter!), and added that to another one, the action that posts the same thing to both M.b and weblog.lol at the same time. It works. Tinylytics works brilliantly with omg.lol as well, so now I have Kudos on this blog too.

  • 🧠 Went ahead and threw some money at GPT4 API. Nice. Cheap. Perfect for the new Shortcuts Jarrod made! The shortcuts are AWESOME.

  • 🐰 I think I also solved my issues with bunny.net. It seems to be working now. CDN are fun.

  • ⭐️ Wishing Micro.blog would stop having hiccups. It would be perfect without them. There are plenty other places, but none like it.