People at a party. A tank filled with water, and tables at the distance.

A week for feeling thankful. Plenty of work, and plenty of fun. Quite the privilege. Small update this time, I’m really struggling with time.

  • πŸ“· Here we go! Still doing the rounds. Still waking up too early, or working late. Missing tinyMovieStar’s drop off/pick up times. That’s the worst thing about these days. She’ll be asking me to take her to school when morning comes, and I’ll be telling her I can’t. She’s not used to that. I’m not used to that! On the plus side, I’m working (yay, money!), and I get to go to places where I haven’t been in a while. I used to spend every day moving around, nowadays not so much. Sometimes months go by without visiting some parts of the city. It still feels odd. Places that were familiar, now strangely out of my routine. Anyway, sometimes these assignments take me to really depressing places, and the next day my spirits are lifted again. That was something I enjoyed at my previous life, when working at the paper. And the week wasn’t done yet, I had more stuff to shoot. Busy one.

  • ✈️ On top of everything else, I’m now researching Istanbul and Petra. Two new countries - Turkey, and Jordan - will be added to our list of visited places. Petra is a spot that has been on our list for a while, and a recent visit by one of movieStar’s brothers helped seal the deal on this one. Istanbul is one of those cities that is always on the “of course I’ll visit” list, but kept getting postponed. We have both been a few times, but only at the airport (go, Turkish)! Anyway, plane tickets have been purchased for the flight to Turkey and back, and we still need to get the Istanbul - Petra - Istanbul ones. Now looking into hotels. We don’t have a lot of time in either of the places, so we will probably pick a very central/touristy spot. Don’t really want to deal with the notorious Istanbul traffic, we’d rather walk whenever possible. Still plenty of time to go, so no rush yet.

  • ⭐ We reached the final week of the photo challenge. Days 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30 were posted. It was an odd one for me. Being busier than usual, I did not have the time to plan the posts. I ended up missing a few days, and rushing through a couple others. These are very fun to watch as well. I enjoy visiting the timeline. Loads of cool photos. Thanks @jean, for making it happen again.

  • πŸ• We finally went back to zeroZero, this time with the one who makes us stop by their window every day. We had a good time.

  • 🍺 Another incredible event took place on Sunday. tinyMovieStar’s dance teacher, a very easy going, competent, happy girl, celebrated the fourth anniversary of one of her projects. She threw a party at on of our favorite breweries, a place with a pool/tank, a huge number of shaded tables, DJ spot and, of course, an endless supply of beer. Everyone has fun. Kids putting on costumes, dancing around, having a dip in the tank, and grownups having a beer and chatting. We met old acquaintances, some we hadn’t seen in a long while, because they also have kids now, and their kids have dance lessons with the same teacher, elsewhere. It was a very lively afternoon.

  • πŸ“Ί One more episode of The Morning Show.

  • 🍿 Sentinelle. The Little Things.