A man fishes perched on a rock.

Back in the city, and slowly back to work. Busy week, in the end. Most of the items on this week’s report would need a bit more text. I could not find the time, and mindset, to do it.

  • ✏️ movieStar went back to school, this time for real, no more breaks planned at the moment. She is starting swimming classes as well. She loves school, and the teachers love her back. Her colleagues are nice, smart, and she goes in every day full of confidence. I think she has awesome self-esteem. And super polite so far. Love her more every day. I’m well aware this is what most parents say about their children, but it’s impressive how much I love this girl.

  • 📷 Almost as soon as we got back, I had work to do. A couple emails from the agency I work with/for, and a few more portraits were scheduled. Good, money coming in. One this week, a few on the next one, and another lifestyle shoot for a brunch place. Busy month, all things considered.

  • 🦄 tinyMovieStar’s godmother flew into town, on a quick two day visit. She was attending a show opening, and a quick Rosh Hashanah celebration. I do wish she’d move back to the city, to the country, but it’s hard to compete with London. She would like it as well, I believe.

  • 😪 Attended an homage for a colleague from the newspaper who, very sadly, passed away a couple of years ago. Met a few colleagues from the old newspaper days, people who have retired in the meantime. It was another fun moment of the week, and the photography exhibits on the venue were also cool. Most of them.

  • 👰🏻🤵🏻 Saturday was wedding day. movieStar’s best friend got married. It was raining when we woke up, but things got much better after a while, despite the downpour forecast on all apps. Go figure. We had a wonderful time, as we’re friends with most people who were attending. Lovely day for our dear friends. Relaxed It was a long one, though, that ended with a dinner at a cousin’s place, complete with both of my brothers-in-law.

  • 📺 Finished the Telemarketers thing. Started Spy Ops, Extraordinary Attorney Woo (thanks, @Miraz and @pratik), and one more episode of D.P. as well. It was a slow TV week.

  • 🍿 STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie. Liked it.

  • ⭐️ This week’s entries to the September 2023 Photoblogging Challenge were a mix of old and new. That’s the only way I’ve been able to keep up. Days 13, 14, 15. Miserably failed days 16 and 17, while having fun at the wedding, and crashing a bit on the day after. Will I be able to get back on track?

  • 🛒 Finally added some items to my Vinted account, after making my first purchase. Call me surprised, but I also sold my first item on that first day. Adding more stuff, obviously. The feeling here is a lot more relaxed than on other apps we have available, people seem more polite too.