๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ Pool morning, over the bridge to Ayamonte (a very far cry from the coolness of Sevilla), nice lunch, and many hours driving back to Lisbon.

We’re done.

A street art piece, monks in a row, and a cat following them.

A typical Spanish window.

A burger painted on a very unremarkable wall.

A man moves to help a worker who just broke a few bottles of beer when his cart toppled.

Two pink barrels with Veuve Clicquot written on them.

A religious figure on a towel, hanging from a window.

A Spanish flag on a window.

The ugliest parking lot in town, but very convenient. A huge chimney, and the backs of many ugly houses.

Mickey Mouse in a piece of paper letting patrons from a shop know they are closed for vacation.

The cutest mom and daughter couple. The little girl sitting on her momโ€™s leg, while sheโ€™s kneeling down.