A yellow Mini Cooper in the city.

  • 🧸 Pijama Party for the little one on Friday, I thought I had managed to escape this one, so I went out and had a beer with my best friend, the one I was supposed to be driving north with for work. And then we had another beer. And a couple more. We got hungry. Went to the nicest pizza place in the area, like we always do. We are very predictable. I then went home, got ready to sleep, and got a call from the movieStars. Party turned into a mess, as the other girl was acting like a little diva. I went and picked them up. tinyMovieStar had told her mum β€œMaybe we should go home and sleep in our beds”.

  • 🌴 Pool Day on Saturday. Friends (I’ll just say this because the exact relationship would take forever to explain) invited us to visit their new place. They live in a really nice spot, and sold their previous house on the spot to someone who walked by and made an offer. They took the money, built another one, one street over. It’s a lovely place, they are a cool family. The house looked a bit like a showroom, but there is a pool there, and tinyMovieStar is our boss. We went. Great lunch too. Delicious food.

  • 🌳 We drove back to my in-law’s place, a very fun drive in itself, with a couple of stops along the way. That’s when we found out the car was leaking diesel. Next morning, a few cousins joined us for Sunday lunch, a fun weekly event. Some of them we hadn’t seen for months.

  • πŸ“ Monday came. We’ve been postponing filling out the forms for tinyMovieStar enrollment in kindergarten next year. She’s in, mind you, it’s just that we have to find SO much paperwork! This Monday, a slow work day, I decided to take care of it. Took forever, but it’s done.

  • πŸš™ Our sweet car (Bogas) was left behind on Sunday, and we drove my father-in-law’s Beetle back to the city. That one is nicknamed Waterlily. tinyMovieStar named it, and does not love riding on this one. She was cool with it this time. We told her Bogas had to see a doctor. The verdict came a day later. The issue was in a filter, it was replaced. Total cost: 35EUR. I was as surprised as you probably are, to find out there are still things that can be done to a vehicle that cost this. Impressed.

  • πŸ“Ί A few more episodes of Ted Lasso, Jack Ryan is done with. Hijack (sorry, Alex!), and The Righteous Gemstones, ongoing. Giving Acapulco season 2 a try.

  • 🍿 The Greatest Beer Run Ever. Meh movie, and only found out it was based on a true story after the movie was over.

  • πŸ’» App Tamer was suggested to me on Mastodon, after I complained about the 24/7 fan noise that comes with two Photos.app being always on. It works! It’s been years since I started trying to shut them down, and the solution has been found.

  • βœ‚οΈ Head Lice! Took them long enough, but tinyMovieStar has finally caught them. Now taking care of it, as we enter another weekend. I’m working all day Saturday, so will miss part of the fun.