a poster with a photo of the PM, in pink, with a Hitler moustache.

  • 🏦 I’d been avoiding the trip to the bank for well over a month. I hate going to the bank. Hate it. So, when the gentleman on the other side of the telephone call (also something I dislike) said I would have to go in, in person, I was not pleased. I needed to show up with documentation, as the ones they had on file had expired a (very long) while back. Anyway, came back from this first try almost empty-handed. Documentation was updated, now on to the rest of the issue… It was only half a week later that things started moving again. I have no idea how banks still get away with “x business days” type stuff. Things happen instantly now! Anyway, the ball was rolling, and it led, in the end, to the most wonderful surprise, and solution: my dad decided to end this whole shitty bank nonsense, and offered to pay what was left of the mortgage! We went, again, and got the ball rolling. It will roll into next month, when everything will be behind us. Can’t wait.

  • πŸ€½πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Last weekend was, as normal, spent at the in-laws. We had the usual normal time, enhanced a bit by the portable pool for the kids, and a visit from a couple of young cousins. Company for tinyMovieStar. Happy kids, happy parents.

  • πŸ“· Work wise, not a lot to say. Or, better, nothing to say. I had no work at all this week.

  • πŸ“Ί The Righteous Gemstones Season 2 went by, and the 3rd season has begun in this household. It sometimes gets a little crazy, but still watching it. Smartless: On the Road. Meh so far. Episode 1, but it’s taking me forever to finish it, and that’s not a nice sign. We’re still doing The Diplomat, whenever movieStar has time for it.

  • πŸ“š Books were returned to the library. tinyMovieStar did not fully understand the whole concept of the library. So, before I return them, I went and bought the favourite of the bunch. We now have the Pink Monster book as well. tinyMovieStar wanted to come to the library with me, but we kept postponing this one. We did it so much that I had to walk there alone in the end.

  • 🎁 While at it, I got something for movieStar as well, and she liked it. And a new case for my iPhone, and a new hip pack to go with it. So, everyone got something. Yay. I’m now rocking a Chalk Pink case. Like it.

  • πŸ₯Ί And, to finish this one off, something that is happening later today, and tomorrow. I don’t usually talk about the future, but this is a big one. movieStar is going to a birthday party today, and another event tomorrow, and we’re not going. This is completely out of the ordinary, and I’m looking forward to tinyMovieStar’s reaction. We’re driving to my in-laws, cousins are coming over tomorrow, but… no mom.