Rescued from the depths of the Internet.

Divers underwater, holding a line. Black and white photo.

Saw Otávio mentioning the archive Manton created, and how he had a page with his posts.

I vaguely remembered this one, so thought I’d check Manton’s archive. Low and behold, I was a user for a couple of years. I must have had a crossposting routine going on, as I remember signing up, but remember little about actually using it.

In one of the posts I can be seen complaining about the lack of people I knew, so… maybe that’s a reason.

Anyway, when I asked Otávio how to go about getting a similar page up and running, he was kind enough to do it for me. Ran an app he created, and sent the resulting file over.

It is now available at, but it’s not much to look at, I’m afraid. L

Most posts are links to Instagram posts, old ones (the posts range from Aug 2012 to Sep 2015), and the odd regular post.

Flickr photos also make an appearance, as well as some tech/app related posts. Not much has changed, or so it seems.

At the time I was using a link shortener, one that played on the name of the blog I kept, but that URL is long gone, and so are the links.

I do now know that March 17th, 2013 was probably the scariest night of my life, when I posted

saturday night is not saturday night until you have a shotgun pointed at you, and here comes that pumping sound, just like in the movies.

I vividly remember this, and now I can tell exactly when that happened.

Thank you for that too, Otávio and Manton!