An envelope with children’s drawing.

An envelope with children’s drawing.

On top of stellar art work, the usual sweet text.

A beautiful art piece, watercolor on paper. Pink, red, blue, yellow, green, black, and orange blobs.

A card in Portuguese. A love letter to a dad.

I love dad because he’s sweet. Dad plays “shop” with me, I give things to my dad, corn, grapes, also carrots, and he makes soup.

True, we play shop a lot. She’s a really good cashier too, and has decent prices, never more than 2 coins per item. And we make yummy soup for all the toys. That’s a LOT of soup!

I go to the market with my dad to buy chicken to make soup.

Again, still make believe, but we never get chicken. We don’t have it in the shop.

Dad goes to the New Star garden with me and we play a lot.

We do go to the garden/playground almost every day, but the name is wrong. There’s a park called Estrela nearby, but it’s not the one we go to. And there is actually a Nova Estrela (New Star), but it’s in Príncipe, on the island!

Dad says I’m cuddly and very sweet.

I do. I do this a lot.

Dad gives me new toys so I can play.

Sometimes I do this as well.

A kiss to Clara’s dad.

Thank you, Clara. Love you too.