A girl runs towards us, escaping the sea water.

A friend had her birthday this week, and thought it would be a great idea to get some of us together at the beach.

A mom and a toddler at the beach, looking out to the sea.

We’re lucky to live very close to a number of nice beaches, and the closest one has some old fishermen’s huts that have been converted into weekend houses or, most of them, into places you can rent on Airbnb.

Sunset at the beach, a surfer walks by in the distance.

This is where we ended up. A group of friends, at one of those places, eating and drinking, while the young ones played around, watched whatever they watch on their phones and iPads, and surfed. Yep, cold as hell, the teenagers spent hours in the water.

Sunset at the beach, orange sun seen through beach vegetation.

We spent the whole afternoon, had dinner, and came back home. The little one wanted to stay longer, of course. The kids were varied in age, so she felt great playing with the older ones, and they were super sweet, making sure she was included in everything.

Two teenagers with a surfboard, right after sunset at the beach.

The beach was, predictably, almost empty, with another birthday party going on next door, but mostly just surfers and people walking their dogs. Cold, but nice.

Two wetsuits hanging from a fence. A shower on the left side, and sand on the background.

Beach vegetation after sunset, the sea in the background

A tiny house is seen in the evening.

A tiny house by the beach, people hanging out.

A toddler runs in an empty beach.

A woman looks out at the sea, standing.

A very nice way to spend a day. Really nice.

A bearded man and a very beautiful woman take a selfie, the sea in the background.

A bearded man and a cute toddler take a selfie.