Another talk tinyMovieStar had with her teacher was turned into a story.

handwritten letter

Yesterday I went to Aunt Marta’s for dinner, and then Grandpa ZéZé started saying: “It’s time to go”

Still very impressed that everything that happened before today is “yesterday”, and everything in the future is “tomorrow”. Also, Grandpa ZéZé does not talk in a normal voice, he’s always a few decibels above acceptable levels. She jumps often when he talks. Funny that she usually says he shouted, but not to her teacher.

I ate some foods that I think tasted like rice and meat. I think there was mango as well, and I ate it all.

We had a delicious poke bowl. There was rice, but the “meat” was actually raw salmon and tuna, but, she was right to doubt herself. It was not meat. Mango is also correct, and she had a lot of it.

Aunt Marta lives far and we rode in the car.

Distances are hard still hard to perceive. It’s not too far, but we did take the car.

There were kittens! Aunt Marta and I went very slowly and fed the kittens, and then we left quickly so they wouldn’t be scared. We gave them biscuits, but little ones.

Correct. There are two cats, and they fed them.