A man and a woman talk to someone outside the frame.

  • 🏝️ The week (for this purpose weeks start on Saturdays, btw) begins with our minds on the trip, as it’s getting close and we will be on our way, and there, further down these notes. Still a lot to decide, pack, take care, and the days are counting down pretty fast.

  • 🤮 First time for me, poor tinyMovieStar puked all over me this week. She was feeling not so great for a couple of days, so never mind me. Night fever, and coughing a lot. Feeling great during the day. Odd. Thankfully she was fine the day before we flew out.

  • 📺 Watching Treason. We also had the opportunity to re-watch the Shrek saga. The White Lotus thing is ongoing.

  • 📦 Packing. Packing. Packing. A two week stay on the island requires as much packing as is we were actually moving to another country, for good. Everything must go.

  • 📷 Of course I still had to be asked for some photos on the day before we leave, what I’d like to call “Quiet Packing Day”. Went out, got the photos, edited them, sent them, and then I could go back to packing the whole house into a small bag. Ufff…

  • 🤧 Flying with a cold is not fun, but what could I do? On the plus side: Executive! And what a difference that makes on such long flights. War Dogs on the screen. Big screen. tinyMovieStar asleep most of the flight, at least the first leg, to Accra. She had an incredible comfy bed, and still thought it was better to have a nap sitting on her mom’s lap. Clever girl.

  • 🤩 Sir Don. Damn. I can now, forever, say “we picked him up in Accra, and flew in with him”. It sounds like something that would only happen in a movie. Amazing company at dinner time, as expected. movieStar was right, we did get along brilliantly. He also made magic tricks to entertain tinyMovieStar, and she now says “I like playing with uncle Don”.

  • ☀️ We did make it to the island, as you’ve gathered, but now we must hop on to the other one. My flight is the afternoon one, and the girls have tickets for the morning. That means they’ll go early in the morning, and I’m left with most of the luggage, probably there will be some fee that I must pay. I’m also finding out later if I have a slight fever or not, maybe they won’t even let me in!

  • ⏳ All of these will be disclosed on the next report, I’m sending this one now, while I have access to the internet. See you on the other side.