Screenshot of’s homepage, showing the features they provide.

Yesterday I replied to a mention on, a fellow community member wanted to know why they should get an account, since they already have a domain, blog, and hosting.

Since this is something I’ve been asked to reply to a couple of times already, I decided to keep this one separate, for reference.

This is what I wrote:

I use mine as a landing page.

I also use the email as my main outgoing mail, even though I have multiple domains I have used, and can use, instead of that one. My omg domain the one I have configured on my Fastmail/1Password for Masked emails.

I have used (and still do on two other accounts) their lovely Mastodon instance.

I use their pastebin service.

I also have a few PURLs configured.

I toy with their new weblog feature almost daily, since the updates are literally being launched every single day, on a super cool advent calendar.

I use the Switchboard feature as well, redirecting other domains to places I want them to point.

I update my multiple times a day, feeding it into

I enjoy, at the same time, supporting an incredible developer, who’s taking care of all this, and adding to it, tweaking it to his customers preferences, day in, day out.

All this for 5 usd a year.

Could I live without it? Sure. No problem.
Can I find anything, online or offline, that provides so much fun, entertainment, good mood, and endless geeky enjoyment for that amount? No, I cannot.