A woman walks on a bike path, close to a huge statue

Today was, in the end, a rather unusual day for me. I left home and walked to meet a friend, we then drove to the beach, where we met another friend, and had lunch. On the way I kept fast walking, and shooting. I had hoped for a quieter day, I would stroll at a leisurely speed, and take my time with the photos. That was not to be.

People wait for the traffic light to cross the street. Cars on the background.

A man eats a “bifana” in front of a derelict building.

The walking part is the one thing I try to do as often as possible, and today I walked in a part of town I don’t usually visit. I walked for a little under an hour. My friend was waiting.

An orange van is parked inside an empty lot

Posters on a fence, in front of a derelict building

Street art, graffiti of a man yelling/singing

The beach we visited is one we go to once in a while, and it’s a lovely one. We don’t usually visit in the autumn, but maybe we should. It was a brilliant day, the beach close to empty. The perks of October in this country.

Beach view, with a fort in the back

Two men shooting. One with a camera and the other, in the back, with a phone

Beach view. Palm trees, sand and sea

We then had lunch at a Peruvian place, first time for me. Yummy food. And we drove back home, just in time to pick tinyMovieStar from kindergarten. Busy busy day.

A woman shields her eyes at the beach

A man exercises at the beach

A woman looks at the sea on an empty beach

I decided to post a lot more photos than usual. Some are nicer, others not so much, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of what it felt like trying to get a photo for today’s challenge.

A yellow moped

A fort at the beach

Nearly empty beach.

Stairway with signs. One for the rooftop, another for sunset

Hope you enjoy it.

A man rides a moped on the highway. A box on his back, “boss” written on it.