There’s no real cause for celebration, millions of others do what we just did, millions more do way harder things, millions, and yet I can’t help but think “We survived”!

We are one day short of a month, one month on the road with tinyMovieStar. It’s not always easy, but a daily treat anyway.

We went up north for the music festival, down to the center of the country for a week at the village, and further down for a week at the beach.

We had the company of a couple of friends for the first two, and family joined us for the last one.

We came back to the city, and spent our final week of the month at my in-laws.

Even with help along the way, and great help, it was exhausting. We had, as expected, a lot of fun as well. Spending time with our friends in Chaves is always sweet as can be. The village, with the beach in the lake, the day trips to Spain, unbeatable. The week in the Algarve, amazing, as expected.

tinyMovieStar is growing up, and she is amazing. Moving around, sleeping in hotels, unfamiliar houses, eating out every day, driving for hours, always (or almost) in a great mood, talking her heart out.

movieStar, halfway through it, said she was already “great company”. She’s right, of course. Our tiny two year old is already a part of the gang, ready to go anywhere.

We can’t wait to take her everywhere.