It’s been four years since I’ve had a tattoo done. In the past two I’ve been thinking often about it. I’d love to get a tattoo that represents tinyMovieStar, something unusual for me, with so many tattoos that mean nothing at all.

I’ve been coming up empty on ideas for it. Wanted something small-ish, cute, but with a motif that would immediately make me think about her. The closest I got, and it’s not very close, was an egg. Her name is also the word we use for egg white, and she loves eggs!

A couple of days ago I was going through my Instagram feed, and got a sponsored post for an artist from Argentina that will have a European Tour in a couple of months, and liked her style. I started following her.

A day later I saw one of her posts, full of nice images that were still available. And, there it was, my tattoo! As soon as I saw it, I knew this was the one.

A band-aid, for my band-aid freak. Not only that, but a band-aid with a heart! Perfect. tinyMovieStar insists on always having one on her, so it’s fitting that I should have it as well.

I already knew where it would go, right above my knee, as if she’d placed it there herself.

A quick message to the artist, and a couple of hours of anxiety waiting for the reply (timezones are a pain)!
I wondered if she still had available spots for Lisbon. She did.

The date is set. I’m getting a band-aid tattoo. It was worth the wait.