We skipped our trip to Seville (too hot), and to the beach (too lazy). Spent the whole day at home, in the pool. Also took a giant nap.

mom and daughter sunbathing

In the evening we had to leave for dinner. On our way to Tavira, movieStar thought about Cacela Velha, and we were there in no time. And then she had another brilliant idea, and remembered a restaurant she loved.

the sea from a vantage point at sunset

Lucky for us the restaurant does not accept bookings, it’s on a first come first served basis, and we are always in need of an early meal (thanks tinyMovieStar).

mom and daughter at a distance, walking away from us

We sat down, ate, and left for Tavira. The little one had a play date with friends. We met them at home, and they have a small pool on the rooftop. This was definitely Pool Day.

the sea from a vantage point at sunset

A while later we left for a stroll around town, ice-creams as well. The city is full of tourists, concerts happening every day by the river, a thousand restaurants feeding everybody. Busy busy…