A new Mastodon instance shows up, and I knew I had to join this one. It’s hosted by Adam, from omg.lol fame. Of course I had to try it.

Welcome to social.lol. No surprises, I’m maique over there as well.

Being on mastodon.social up to now has served me well enough, and there is no real reason to change that. Also, there is no real reason not to.

I don’t use it that much, other than for crossposting my Micro.blog posts, and to talk to Mike and a couple other people. They would probably have no issues with following me on the new instance.

The local timeline over there is crazy, as this is the official instance, and there are thousands of posts, from people I have no time, or interest, to deal with. I end up using my personal timeline only.

I can easily migrate my follow list to the new instance, and have the same experience, or better. And change my crosspost setting here on Micro.blog would be easy as well.

This new instance, however, is still in beta, and things might break. I should wait a bit longer, on the safe side.

While waiting, I tried to find another way to have my posts show up there already, and found a roundabout way of doing it: moa.

Since I can’t have M.b posting to two different instances at once, I can get moa to pick up the tweet that M.b creates, and have that cross-crossposted to the new instance. And it works. Quickly, I might add.

So, until the move is done, this will do.

Micro.blog sends it directly to Twitter and mastodon.social, and moa grabs the tweet and sends it to social.lol.