In the morning, a small assignment. Another incredible story one of my colleagues found. I’ll have to write a longer post, as I’m enjoying these assignments for the paper. Especially when I get the chance to shoot a story for this particular reporter. Yesterday’s story was all about potatoes, and the man that supplies most of the high-end restaurants in Lisbon. Wonderful man, amazing story. Great potatoes too.

A man walks on a beach during low tide.

After I was done, it was time to join the family. A lot of us today. Brothers in law, the wife of one of them, her parents, my inlaws…

Mom and toddler by the sea

Mom and toddler by the sea

The beach was close to the place where I had the shoot, so very convenient.

Toddler buried in sand, playing.

tinyMovieStar is a real beach fan. She LOVES it. We spent six hours at the beach, she couldn’t stand still for a minute. Always somewhere to run to, sand to be moved and arranged, the water always calling her name… We took turns taking care of her, and ended up exhausted anyway. She fell asleep as soon as she got in the car, and slept the whole drive back home. Two hours.