One service I quite enjoyed, and recommended, is Plausible. If you’re looking for a simple, privacy-friendly, analytics tool, they will deliver a stellar service. It is not free, but might be worth your money.

I used it for a year, and was quite happy with it. In the meantime, while trying to cut down on my subscriptions, I came across Microanalytics. I believe it was a post by @ohBananaJoe that led me to this one, and it’s a great replacement. I’ve been using them side by side for a few months, and it works as expected. Doesn’t look as good, but that’s it…

In reality I don’t need analytics, but I like to have it. This will do.

Plausible is not expensive, but Microanalytics has a generous free tier, one that I can use in as many sites as I wish. I’ll never get enough visits to reach the limit anyway, and I’ll save a few euros a year now.

It’s also a European service, easy to set up, and more than enough features to keep my modest wishes for analytics happy. It runs on sustainable energy too.

If you’re looking for a free tool, this might be worth a look.