Head feels a little light.

tinyMovieStar went back to kindergarten, the bigger movieStar sat at her computer and worked, and I thought I could get away with a little photo editing.

It didn’t last long. As I’ve read before, some find it harder to concentrate after/while dealing with the virus. Obviously I couldn’t be left out of this part…

I did manage to watch a movie in bed, but even then I had to stop every 15 minutes.

Today is also the day I can request my new vaccination certificate from the national authority, since a couple of weeks have passed since my booster shot. Or, being an infected person, I can pick from that one and the “recovered” certificate. Decisions, decisions,…



We went to bed yesterday at a regular time. The little one was exhausted from spending the day running around at the kindergarten, so she fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed. We had time to watch an episode of The Girl From Oslo before heading the same way.

Today we started a little earlier, when tinyMovieStar decided 5:30AM was a reasonable time for stories&playtime.

Coughing hasn’t gone away, it’s getting a little worse in fact.

Body seems to be close to full recovery, less tired than before.

Too early to know how my brain is handling things. Seems fine, but…

It’s 10AM, and my dad is driving over with another load of supplies. I told him movieStar is out of her isolation, capable of going to the supermarket (3 minute walk), but he doesn’t care. They were going to their supermarket anyway, so picked up an extra ton of things, and we’ll soon need a bigger fridge! Of course we’re very thankful.

Also got a call about an assignment, and had to turn that one down. Covid is making me lose money. I’ll probably be ready to work again next week, but these two weeks, unexpectedly, would have made me very happy.



We’re good!

Flu-like symptoms, and a mild one. That’s all we have left.


That’s it. We’re done. Tomorrow we’re all allowed outside, and it’s just a matter of feeling normal again. We can get back to our daily routines.