Went to bed yesterday exhausted. It was a little later than usual, we binged Ozark for a little longer than we should.

Other than coughing, this is the thing I’m still very much aware of. I get tired. A lot, and easily.

It’s the strangest thing. I feel fine, like my battery is fully charged, I do some minor task and all the energy is gone. Usually I can feel the energy depleting and manage that, now it’s more like 100% to 1% in a matter of minutes. Like my body is running a very buggy new OS version.

It’s now close to 9AM, and we’re all in bed. Girls sleeping.

The worst is surely behind us.

Vaccines are AMAZING, and that’s that.

Still, after her seventh day in isolation, movieStar still had a positive on her test today. We were expecting the opposite by now. We were right when we decided to keep the little one at home for a day or two over the recommended week. Still have to test her, but trying to push that ordeal as far back as we can.

1PM,coffees have been drank a while ago, it’s time to have lunch. Today we’re cooking a juicy steak with boiled potatoes for tinyMovieStar, complete with yummy soup that grandma sent yesterday.

For the grownup couple in the house we’re ordering Chinese from a local dim sum place that we’ve heard good things about. It’s called Macau Dim Sum, and we’ve had great experiences with dim sum in Macau, so why not?

A bit after 5PM. Lunch was ok. Just that. I guess we will need to go to Macau again after all…

As far as Covid goes, no big change. We’re still here, we’re still tired. Maybe coughing a little less.


Nothing to report on the Covid front.

tinyMovieStar seems fully recovered, if we take her energy level as indicator. She refuses to go to bed, and is acting like she just woke up. She had a huge dinner, and keeps asking for food items, that are prepared, and left uneaten. Then it’s off to story-land. One I have to repeat at least a dozen times, and then it’s not good anymore. We try to find a suitable one on her growing bookshelf, but none are good. Drawing. Ten monkeys and a couple of Snoopy faces, and we’re done. Time for a diaper change that turns into poop hell….

Ordinarily this would be a pain. When we’re still fighting the exhaustion, it’s very tiresome.

I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe.