I was feeling fine, happy, until the test result came. I was also feeling fine when the test result came, truth be told. Nothing changed, except I now had a positive test, something I had managed to avoid since this whole mess started.

I went out and got a test at the pharmacy, to make sure the self test result was not a fake positive. It was not.

Back home, ready to endure the isolation period. Seven days. That’s how long I’ll have to stay in.

The movieStars end theirs on Sunday and Monday, I’ll keep going for a few more days.

Spent a while texting and calling people I’ve been in contact recently, and let the campaign staff and candidates know I would, very sadly, be unable to join them for the rest of the time.

Still feeling almost the same, we went to bed at around 11PM. Watched a few more After Life episodes before doing that.

Woke up at 3AM, body aches and some shivering going on, but mostly good.

Two hours later, still unable to sleep. No headache, but now I feel VERY hot.


Waking up at 8:30AM. Feeling like I have a monster cold. Still have to get up to find out how is the body doing, ache-wise.

Took me a while to get back to sleep, I should ride this a little longer. I know I’ll be back to bed soon.

Got up, walked around. It feels like a mix of a monster hangover, a beating, and flu. Legs hurt, muscles hurt, lower back pain as well.


Fever. Yoghurt, some grapes. A pill was taken.

Slept for something like three hours.

Got the message from the Health Ministry, with a very extensive questionnaire. They got my test result, and I’m now a part of the statistics.

Fever comes and goes, chills also.

Central heating is blasting, full power, and I’m still wearing a hoodie, wrapped in a huge fleece blanket, a woolen cap, and gloves. And, thanks to movieStar’s memory, an amazing thing, a bag of cherry cores, that gets heated in the microwave. Brilliant.

No TV today. Not even 8PM, and I’m in bed.

tinyMovieStar joins me, we read a story (something a little more demanding when the fever is this high), and we’re all getting ready to sleep way before 9PM.

The way covid charts look right now are scarier than they’ve ever been to me. I’m aware this latest variant seems milder, and I look at the graphs, they prove that. Most people who are hospitalized, or die, are unvaccinated, and we were lucky to be able to get the vaccines, and the booster shot (movieStar still waiting for that one).

Then there’s a minuscule amount of people who still go to the hospital, and some will sadly die, even after getting vaccinated.

Before, the numbers were all abstract, or sort of, a reflection of a reality that was not mine yet, in a way. But now we’re also a part of that “infections” line, and I would really REALLY love to keep us all out of those other lines.


Couldn’t sleep, so we headed to the living room again, and finished After Life and Folk med ångest. Both good, but After Life is AMAZING!

Glad we were having trouble sleeping.