Taking advantage of the fact that today’s venue for the campaign was just across the river, I thought I might skip the driving part and just take the boat there.

The time I was supposed to be there was also a little later than usual, so I had the opportunity to take it slower.

Grabbed an electric scooter, rode it down to the river, managed to get a couple of sticker shots after I dropped it, and walked to the pier.

Boats leave roughly ten minutes apart at this time, and the packed ones are coming into town, not the other way around. My boat, as expected, was mostly empty.

Ten minutes later I found myself on the south bank, ready for a few more stickers, and another handful of photos while I made my way to the place where work would happen.

The city streets also empty, as most people are already across the river to work.

Did the work, walked back to the boat. Another short scooter ride and I was home editing. Still time to do it before tinyMovieStar left kindergarten.

No time for lunch. That happened at five.