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thingsThisWeek #14

  • 😴 I took a pill for the cold, and I believe it was one of those that come with a “Do not operate heavy machinery” warning. I was struggling to keep my eyes open on the highway, driving as slow as I could. It’s not far, so no one was at risk. But fell asleep as soon as we got to my in-laws.

  • 🦠 When we got to my in-laws, feeling pretty bad, and right before I nodded off on the bed, movieStar had time to do a covid test on me. My mother-in-law had one at home, so why not? It’s something that we are now doing on a regular basis. People take them before going to a dinner party, or office Christmas gatherings, football matches, you name it. We can get a few of them for free at the pharmacy, or just buy them and take them at home. Mine came out negative.

  • 💊 Woke up on Sunday still feeling in pretty bad shape, despite taking a few pills, and trying other methods. I guess this will turn into a depressing thingsThisWeek edition, full of disease and throat pain (it hurts!)

  • 🏥 Time to move the circus to the hospital. movieStar thought I might be better off with some antibiotics, since the other medicine is clearly not working, and you need a doctor for that. A short drive and I went to the closest hospital.

  • 📺 We finished The Great. Huzzah!

  • 😷 Tonsillitis on top of a cold. Great. Just what one needs during Christmas week. Now on antibiotics, waiting for them to kick in. No alcohol for a week, that includes Christmas Day. Oops. It’s been a long while since I’ve been sick like this, and there one thing I surely didn’t miss. Hate feeling sick, unable to do much besides staying in bed, falling in and out of sleep.

  • 😭 tinyMovieStar had her first big tantrum. The first one. She didn’t want to leave her grandpas on Sunday, and come back home. Probably because she gets to do everything she wants to, compared to home, where she gets to do everything she wants to.

  • 🧚 tinyMovieStar’s godmother came to visit. Back from London, it was such a pleasure to see her. These are quick visits, but always a great time. One of the people I miss having around, sadly she had to move abroad to look for a brighter future.

  • 💯 Top client award goes to: The one where I can do everything with the iPhone, have fun while at it, takes me out of the city whenever there’s something new to shoot, and gets new add ons for the phone when we figure we need them. Yup, I got really lucky with this one. This is the one I’d work for pro bono.

  • 😓 Managed to finish everything I had pending one day before Christmas Eve. No more editing for me. Have one assignment right after, but it’s one of the cool ones. And I guess that’s it for this year, as far as work goes.

  • 🎄 Merry Christmas, everyone!

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