Months ago I felt the sticker spotter project was done, stopped paying for the account, and never gave it a second thought.

One day I came across the URL, and clicked. It was still there. An email was sent to the lovely gentleman who runs, letting him know that the site was still up. He said he only does this maintenance a couple of times a year, and would be taking it down later. He didn’t mind having this one live in the meantime as well. That was nice!

A couple more months gone by, and it was still there. So why not keep this one going for a little longer, I thought?

I loved how easy it was to post there, once the thing was set up, and I still find a TON of stickers, new ones, all the time.

So… here we are! A new domain was purchased, the IFTTT wheels were oiled and turned on again, and the whole thing is live at sticker spotter.

If you’d like to follow along, it also has a feed, a Twitter account, and it will show up on my timeline on as well.

Thank you for the support, and hope you enjoy the relaunch. Let the sticker spotting resume!