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thingsThisWeek #11

  • 💖 Missing the girls. On Saturday evening, after the day’s work was done, I was supposed to ride my father-in-law’s motorcycle back to the village. movieStar thought that was not a great idea. It was late, I was tired, and it was VERY cold. She said I should stay at home, they would drive back the following day, and her father would ride the motorcycle home, something he’s always looking forward to. I did just that. Slept for 11 hours, but missed them so much! Still debating with if it was worth it, but I don’t think so.

  • 📷 Working during the weekend is something that is more common that I would love, but can’t really afford to say no these days, especially when the pay is not too bad. So I did, again. I spent the weekend away from the girls, and I’m now ready to start a new week. A week I’ll spend editing photos from this last assignment and the one before that (yes, still haven’t touched them), and I didn’t get any rest, except those 11 hours of sleep. Not the nicest way to do it, I’m sure. Next Sunday? Also working.

  • 🍿 Saw a couple of movies in the evenings, but nothing worth talking about. Succession remains the only show we’re watching on a regular basis at this point.

  • 💨 This week went past in a flash. Not sure where it all went. It’s strange, because I did the same things as usual, but it just flew by. The holiday on Wednesday helped, I guess, since having tinyMovieStar around just keeps us busy all day long.

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