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thingsThisWeek #8

  • 💻 Moved to Ghost.org. I knew I would end up doing this, the anxiety of something going wrong with this blog, and me not being able to fix it, was keeping me up. It’s a gift for movieStar, and I can’t afford to have it turn bad. So, exported what had been done already, took care of the DNS things, and it’s now hosted with them. The dinkiwinkiminkiwinki is live.

  • 🎂 movieStar had a birthday this week. I heard it went well. Sadly I was working, so I only got a brief glimpse in the evening. It’s not a great for a party, or anything else really, but she’s handling it gracefully. Congratulations, movieStar!

  • 🐶 tinyMovieStar had a dog by her side when she came home from the maternity, and that dog has been a constant on her life. She has no fear of dogs because of that one, and she loves that dog!

  • 📷 Back at work for the Finnish tv, this time most of the week spent outside. First day went ok. The rest of the week as well. It’s been exhausting, but fun. There’s not a lot else to add to this report because nothing else happened. Just work.

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