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thingsThisWeek #6

  • πŸŽ‰ Saturday was crazier than a regular Saturday, and those are already pretty intense anyway. We had lunch at my parents, and mom did a really silly thing, a dangerous thing, with the stove. It was the first time I noticed, and I spent most of the day thinking about that. I know I’ll be worrying about these things from now on. We then moved the gang to my in-laws, and were surprised: there was a party going on, with friends and family. Still feels strange, Covid is still around. No matter how many reports come out, the scare is not gone yet. Endemic Covid-19 Has Arrived in Portugal. This Is What It Looks Like.

  • πŸ›Έ UFO. After the party was done, we finally managed to get some sleep. tinyMovieStar went to bed at 11.30PM, not the usual 8.00PM. We were pretty tired as well. I was woken up at 4AM, with the strangest sound I’ve heard. It sounded like a very cool UFO had flown by, lovely sound effects. Very clear too. When morning came, and we were up, I asked movieStar if she’d heard the UFO, and she said “Yes, yes I did”. She didn’t think it was a crazy question, she didn’t say it was something else. We just agreed, no discussion, that a UFO had flown by. Also, we don’t actually believe in UFOs, but it sounded like one to both of us.

  • β˜•οΈ Coffee time again, this time @mpmilestogo! Surprise, surprise, surprise again! And thankful.

  • πŸ‘ΆπŸ» Mondays also have a new tradition now. It’s the There’s a New Sick Kid at Kindergarten Dayβ„’. A new case of Hand, Foot, Mouth this time. Considering I hadn’t even heard about this one a couple of weeks ago, it has risen to #1 on my list of diseases I wish tinyMovieStar doesn’t get. This week we even took her to the doctor, as the snot keeps coming. She ok. I guess we’ll have to learn how to live with snot in our lives.

  • πŸ“Ί No big news on the TV front. Most of the time it’s just playing Peppa, or a marathon of Simple Stories, and we’re now waiting for the week’s Succession episode. It’s worth the wait, but goes by too fast. I’m still trying to get to the end of Squid Game. Not easy when I’m the only one watching it, and the time is so limited.

  • πŸŽ™ Swindled, new episode.

  • πŸŽ‚ Mom’s birthday, A Success Story. Mom turned 82 on Wednesday, and we went out for lunch, as we usually do. This time around my father picked a restaurant from his long list of hidden gems, and it was great. After we made our way back to the city, movieStar had a sweet idea, and we all went and picked up tinyMovieStar from kindergarten. Boy, was she happy to see the whole family when the time came to leave for the day!

  • OMG icon on Mastodon. This one is a nice one, and the mandatory OMG.LOL news of the week. I spotted a Penelope (that pigeon you see there at the beginning of this paragraphy) on their Discord channel, and thought it would look cool on my username on Mastodon, next to the one from M.b. Being on the instance managed by Mastodon’s developer means that he’s the one that has to enable custom emoji, and I hate to ask. He’s probably dealing with a ton of stuff, no time to add emoji every time someone wants one. And he had already been pretty cool when I asked for the M.b one. I decided to try again, and I got lucky: he did it!

  • 😳 Sleepless nights are awful. I don’t know what’s worse: not sleeping at all, or sleep, wake up for some reason, and being unable to get back to it afterwards. Thankfully this only happens once a a very long while, and I’ve been able to get some of the sleep time back with a nap after dropping tinyMovieStar off at kindergarten. Not perfect, but does (part of) the trick. That and an extra espresso.

  • 🌧 And now, the weather. Sometimes I forget we get rain over here as well. Well into October and people are still sending me messages from the beach, saying it’s great. That ended now. We’re in the middle of autumn, it’s shouldn’t be a surprise that things are about to turn. It’s raining.

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